Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vegan Days 7 & 8!

Hey there everyone!! Days 7 and 8 were awesome! I stepped on the scale this morning to a nice 180.2 - which is down almost a pound from my weigh in 2 days ago - can't really complain about that! Hopefully the downward trend will continue!

I enjoyed a relaxing, yet productive day off yesterday for the holiday. Made an entirely new circuit mix for my Zumba class tonight and I'm excited about it! Picked up some cute new workout clothes for an awesome price too! I got new Zumba shoes which make an AMAZING difference on my feet. I ran through a workout yesterday and didn't feel any pain or discomfort in my knees like I usually do - its astounding what changing shoes can do for stability! haha! I'll take a picture of them tonight and upload it! They are fabulous!

Last night, we had friends over for dinner and the hubby made a roast for dinner. It smelled SOOO yummy - but I was good!! Instead of focusing on the distraction of yummy roasting meat, I put NCIS on the TV and layed down for a nap on the couch. It really helped! haha!

Today is Day 9 and I'm back at work (UGH!) it was really hard to get up this morning!! I'm halfway through the day though and I hope that it goes well. Get to go to the MVD with the hubby this afternoon since his license expired and then off to Zumba tonight! Busy day!

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