Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 5 - the Rundown....

Whew - so yesterday was just one of *those* days. Nothing in particular went wrong, just wasn't feeling very good - as my hubby would describe it, I was having a "girlie" day. Bleah! Whenever I have days like that, I find that I crave Ice Cream like CrAzY!!! Well this posed a predicament, so I found a solution!

Bring on the Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich! Cookies & Cream flavor, only $2.60 for a box of 8 and 130 calories a piece!!! I really couldn't complain as they tasted AMAZING!!!! As you can see, this poor example of Vegan Yumminess didn't even make it home! It was devoured en route :-)


So after my ice cream addiction was fed, I felt better and had a good rest of the day. At the grocery store, I also picked up a fabulous and intriguing looking vegan meatloaf (that really looks like meat) - so I will probably eat that for lunch today in between my fitness classes - oh and I will be sure to take a pic! I also got a piece of Grilled Sweet Chili Tofu that was really yummy. I am trying to stay away from soy products because of my thyroid, but eating them occasionally isn't bad, so I figured I'd try it out!

We had friends over for dinner & everyone ate Chicken Tacos...except me. I ate a yummy dinner of Udon Noodles with fresh veggies. I found the Udon Noodles didn't stick uncomfortably in my stomach like the Saifun noodles did the other day. Though the Saifun noodles are lower in calories than the Udon, I'd rather feel better and manage the calories elsewhere than make myself feel yucky again. Overall this dinner was really yummy and prepared in less than 10 mins! Woot!


So even though I usually weigh in on Fridays, I have decided to change them to Sundays for the purpose of this investigation. I was thinking that 4 days on an eating plan isn't enough to show any changes in any bodily areas. 4 days is only enough time to allow the body to begin to adapt to any changes and I want to be able to show genuine & legitimate changes. So for now, weigh ins will be on Sunday mornings to allow for a full week in between weigh in days for the remainder of this month.

However, that didn't stop me from snapping a progress pic in the gym yesterday. I'm overall pleased about the way I'm looking. Even if I haven't lost anything this week, I'm feeling lighter and my body is functioning better - which is never a bad thing!


Anyways, now I'm heading back to bed to relax for a little while longer before we get ready for Zumba and Kickboxing today! Weigh in, measurements & progress pics will come tomorrow! Woot!

OH - and just to keep track, I spent about an additional $45 on food to supplement what I had. the hubby and I ate through the fruit & veggies quickly, so I spent $25 at Smiths and $20 on food at Whole Foods this week. Still overall not too bad to spend on food for a week!

Here be the Song of the Day - it was a metal kind of morning...

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