Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weigh In #2!!! Woot!

Alrighty! Since I am going out to eat tonight & don't want to skew any of my progress data - weigh in was this morning! I am basing all my measurement & weight changes off my initial weight of 182lbs (and my corresponding measurements at that weight)

So since its technically only been 12 full days of being vegan (today is day 13) - I am absolutely thrilled with what's happened!!! Okay - so before I get to the good stuff, here's all the other stuff. Over the past 12 days, I have noticed great changes. I've successfully maintained a diet of between 1300-1400 calories a day and averaging burns of between 2300 and 2500 calories on most workout days on my BodyBugg (so nice happy deficit!). Even with eating this amount of food, I am rarely hungry and I allow for indulgences - I've eaten my vegan ice cream every day since I bought it and STILL seen great progress!

I am regularly eating over 200g of carbs a day which really helps keep me full (all of my food has been tracked on Spark for the past 2 weeks - so feel free to check it out!). I've never thrived on low carb, high protein diets - so this one is working out well for me! I am still maintaining the appropriate amounts of protein without overdoing it on the soy products (which can mess up my thyroid) and I'm getting all the healthy fats I need as well. I am naturally getting over 25g of fiber a day and my body is really happy about that! haha! My nutrition has been balanced and healthy and I can tell a difference in the way my body has been functioning overall.

I have energy to spare, especially in my workouts & fitness classes. I feel lighter and move better than I did 12 days ago. I am sleeping well and feel rested even though I might only get 6 hours of sleep a night. I have noticed slight changes in my appearance - but don't know whether to attribute those to vegan or not. My hair seems shinier, but I just bought new shampoo about a week and a half ago - so that might be it.

Anyways, now let's get to the good stuff! What has 12 days on Vegan done to me?!?!?!? Overall, I have lost 5.6lbs (which is almost a pound every 2 days!) which for someone of my size and build is pretty darn impressive! I was really excited so I took a pic to prove it!!

I have dropped 7.75 inches off my initial measurements from all over my body and all of my clothes are fitting better & looser. The most impressive areas of change are my chest (right along my raven tattoo) I've dropped 1.5 inches, 1 full inch off my waist, 1.5 inches from my belly button and a half inch off my upper thighs on each leg! Definitely stoked!

Here's some pretty graphs to talk about my happy weight & measurement changes (I like graphs, can you tell?? haha!)

So now here's my progress pics for Day 12 - I think I can see a difference in my tummy, especially on the side pic (are those a *hint* of abs I see?!?!? woot!)

I am really pleased with the first 12 days so far, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks!! I might even see the 160s again by the time this is over!! OMG that would be so awesome!! But for now, I'm focusing on today - today is Zumba, Kickboxing & birthday parties! Its going to be a good day indeed!! I hope you all have a great Saturday too!

Song of the Day - just since its a woohoo kind of morning :-)

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