Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going Vegan - Day One!

Hey there! Sorry I didn't get this posted last night, but it was already late by the time things winded down and I needed to get to sleep! 5am shifts are never fun if I don't sleep enough!

So anyways - how did Day One go?? I think it went great!!! I ate a ton of food, but kept within a fabulous calorie count! I was planning on getting a workout in after work, but ended up having to call FedEx because they lost a package of mine (GIR!) but that's all resolved now. Needless to say, my workout time was allotted to other things - but that's okay.

I documented how I was feeling over the day, and overall it was awesome! I was a little bloated, but I think that's left over from eating freely this weekend and not a result of eating Vegan. Today I feel awesome as well and I am having happy outlooks for the remainder of this week!

I forgot to take pictures of everything I ate (and honestly its kind of a pain to upload that many photos) so I figure I'm just going to list what I eat and then post pics of the special or extra yummy foods!

So here's what I ate yesterday:

Apple & Maple Sugar Free Oatmeal
1 cup Cantaloupe and 1 cup Grapes

Vegan Pasta Salad & Alternative Bagel

Black Bean Tacos on Corn Shells

Eggplant "Burgers" on Whole Wheat Earthgrains buns with Sugar Snap Pea stir fry veggie mix

I got my new Zumba wear (after fighting with FedEx for a while) so I am excited about that! I am going to wear my new tank top at my Curves class tonight and I now have my "goal" halter top! Hopefully I'll be able to wear it by the summer! Woot!

Hoping today continues to go well and I'll keep posting all the awesomeness!

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