Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vegan Day 10 - Woot!

Hey there - sorry I didn't post this yesterday, but it was late when I got home from Zumba and I needed to go to bed if I was going to get any decent amount of sleep! Yesterday was awesome - I still feel great, got energy to spare, my size 6 pants are starting to fit looser and this might be TMI - but my digestive system is awesome! Any tummy issues that I had have virtually disappeared since starting this program. I've been consistently staying between 1300-1400 calories on the program, while feeling full almost ALL the time, and getting fabulous burns on my BodyBugg on a daily basis (my goals are 2150 cals a day, 10,000 steps and at least 30 mins of activity - which I easily hit all 3 of those on workouts days - so 5 days a week - on non-workout days I usually average around 1900 cals, 5000 steps and still 30 mins of general activity, so not too shabby)

I was feeling nice and lean yesterday and was really happy to snap this pic in the gym! I think I am noticing some awesomeness and definitely feeling less squishy, so that's a perk (especially since I'm eating over 200g of carbs a day! Woot!)


I sneaked a peek at the scale this morning and all I can say is that if this keeps up, my weigh in this weekend is going to be epic! Woot! Zumba classes continue to go well! I have my workout tonight at Curves and am looking forward to that as always! Today is Day 11 - its hard to believe that this thing is already almost halfway over! WOW time has totally flown so far!

OH - also, I went shopping on Monday for a few things, but realized I didn't write it down on here. My Vegan stuff I got totaled $24.20 for that shopping trip and it should definitely last me the rest of the week and through the weekend (with the exception of fresh fruit, I think I might run out of cantaloupe and grapes tomorrow).

ALSO - some of you mentioned that you are having issues leaving comments - I think you need to log in with a gmail account to be able to leave a comment, to prevent SPAM and stuff. Hope this helps!!!

I will try to update later tonight on how things are going, but today is awesome already! SOO happy its Thursday - Tomorrow is Friday, and payday and Vegan Day 12 - looking forward to it!

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