Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zumba, Kickboxing, Vegan Meatloaf & TOFU!!!

So today was Day 6! Woot! Yet another fabulous day in the world of the Vegan. I was a little concerned about having enough energy to get through my workouts, but I made it through them with flying colors!!

I ate some yummy (yet interesting) food today! First of all, I made myself a Vegetable Udon Noodle soup which was divine!!!

After class, I needed a snack, so I heated up my Vegan meatloaf and it was different - it looked like meat....tasted like meat....yet it wasn't was kind of a mind trip!


The hubby and I are planning a date night tonight - so this blog will be brief. But I wanted to explain that I've been looking for something that would always remind me of my Vegan Investigation....yet I didn't know what to buy. So for our date night, we rented a bunch of movies and are looking forward to relaxing at the house. When we were at Hastings renting movies, the hubby noticed the following awesomeness and he is just perfect!

I would like you to meet TOFU - the Vegan Zombie!!! He is amazing!!!

I totally love it! Workouts went well today, food was still around 1400 cals, I can officially say I have had meatless meatloaf and I found my TOFU!!! It was a good day!

Now - time for movies! Night all!

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