Monday, June 27, 2011

Zumbatomic, Weigh Ins & Tantrums

OY it was a crazy weekend! I'm struggling to get through today and I'm totally hurting on energy right now (I think an energy drink might be necessary!). Saturday night we had people over for dinner and I had 4 adult beverages (though didn't go over calorie burn). I swear, I retain water like crazy when I drink and it made my weigh in on Sunday completely inaccurate. Throughout the whole week I'd been averaging around 178lbs (meaning I had dropped about 3lbs of water weight) - but Saturday night, due to the booze & food, I completely shot back up. UGH! Maybe Sundays aren't the best days to weigh in. I'll figure something out I suppose. Once my weight balances back out (today or tomorrow) I'll do a weigh in and then figure out the best days from there. Maybe I'll go back to Friday/Saturday weigh ins until I know the summer BBQ temptation is over.

I had my Zumbatomic licensing class yesterday and it was amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!! The class was incredible - but I am totally wiped out today. I burned a total of 3500 calories on my Bugg yesterday, 23,483 steps and over 4 hours of activity time. My joints are sore and my energy levels aren't what they usually are. Given my calorie burn yesterday, I didn't really care too much about nutrition (I still ended up at a 1,000 calorie deficit even though I ate what I wanted - though I'm still super bloated!). This morning I was sore & tired, so I got take out for breakfast - but it was filling enough to keep me full all day at work and I'll have a light dinner if I'm hungry at all.

Now that this class is finished - I'm eyeballing the next licensing classes that I can take! I love learning new stuff and getting more Zumba licenses is the next way to go - plus I LOVE having all those icons next to my name on my Zumba profile and now I want them ALL!!! haha!! I was already looking at a B2 class in August - but I'm not sure if that one is going to work out! I'd love to get a Toning & Gold license too, but they don't have any in the state coming soon! OY! I'm trying to convince the owner of our studio to host them so that we can all get the licenses :-D

I read an interesting blog post from one of my Spark friends this morning - who described her binges and occasional "F it all" attitude as throwing a tantrum. I actually think this is a perfect analogy for it! Whenever my weight shoots up again, I can get pissed off and in response, I don't care what I eat....Its just like a child throwing a tantrum! I don't care what happens, I eat whatever, then I grow up, get over it and get myself back on track. What in the world can I do to stop this? Am I really taking such a childish approach to my nutrition??? Why in the world am I doing this??? I can't stand that once I seem to fix one of my mental issues, I seem to develop another...growl....oh well, I'll overcome this one just like all the other ones

Even though I'm wiped out, today is a running day - since I couldn't do it yesterday. I will focus on getting my speeds above the sub-10, but I am not really counting on this workout containing the 7.5 MPH and inclines that I pushed for last week. If I can make this a quick but "easy" run, I really think my joints will appreciate it. I'll be sure to post the run workout once I'm finished with it!

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