Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting better little by little

So things are gradually getting better than earlier days this week. Last night, the hubby, my stepson and a friend of ours went out to eat at Buca Di Beppo and it was really nice to just relax a little bit. Spent a fair amount of money on dinner (we had appetizers & dessert too) but it was worth it. I had enough leftovers to eat today as well! YUM!

Yesterday, I made myself start running again. It wasn't the best run and I struggled to get through it - but I made it. Today's run was much easier. Made it through my first mile without much of a struggle (its amazing what 3+ weeks off from running will do for conditioning). Today, I had an extended lunch today so I decided I wanted to keep moving again. I went and ran another mile and this time something clicked. It took me 3 runs, but I'm back in my groove and am in love with running again

I didn't want to push myself too hard today - I have Zumba tonight at Curves - so I stopped after 1 mile. Since I still had some free time before going back to work and no one was in the gym, I ran through the choreo for 2 of my new Zumba songs. It was fun! In total I've burned 420 extra calories just on my breaks at work today - definitely not too shabby! haha!

Today I also found out that there's a Marathon Relay in my city in October. OMG am I interested in training for that! I know a super long distance is too much to train for right now - but I really think a 10K is doable (which is about what the lengths of the relay are). I'm going to think about it this week and see. I need to run on the treadmill this weekend (maybe Sunday) and just let myself go and see how far I make it - just so I know where to pick up my training from.

I know I'm conditioned enough to not have to start from week 1 again, but not conditioned enough to run a 5K multiple times a week with all the other fitness classes I'm doing. So I need to get myself conditioned from there. However, I might just start from square one and condition myself for quicker running as well. I'd love to be running a 10 min mile or less for the 10K in the fall. That would be super awesome! Ahh...decisions days (since they're 3 days a week) would be Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (all 3 of which are currently days off from Zumba)....this could work for sure!

The bridge to 10K program is also 3 training days a week, so I would be able to easily transition from one to the other. C25K is 7-9 weeks (I was running the 5K distance in 7 weeks last time I did it) and the Bto10K is 6 weeks. So a full training plan that lasts 13 weeks would put me in the first week of September (if I started next Wednesday) - which is right before the wedding!! The idea of having something to focus on, keep me distracted, having a continuing goal and working towards something I've never done before - between now and then is truly appealing!!

Since I'm not teaching at Rhino's anymore and I only have 4 Zumba classes a week, this is definitely something that can take up my free time and keep me occupied until Zumba classes pick up in the fall. I really think I'm going to do this! I can't believe I'm planning on starting a running program in the dead heat of summer...again....I must be a moron! haha!

Okay - enough from me for today! Happy running & happy Zumba!! Gotta love it!!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 35 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 5,296 Calories GONE!

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