Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girly Moodiness is GONE!

Alrighty peeps - thanks for putting up with my horrid mood yesterday! I am feeling much better today. I realeased a lot of water weight, am back down to 178lbs, had a great Zumba class and slept terribly due to a family emergency - but thanks to caffiene I'm feeling good. Its Wednesday - so today is a running day! YAY! So excited! I start Week 3 today!

Today starts pushing for the longer runs, so its going to get tougher to maintain my speeds - but I'm determined to do it! Also, today I am wearing a different shoe for my workouts. Instead of my usual ASICS, I decided to give my Zigs some love - since I don't wear them to Zumba anymore. Since they are technically running shoes, I figured that I'd try them out in my workout today! *does happy dance*

Yesterday afternoon - in the middle of my funk, I figured out a new way to hold myself accountable and I'm going to start creating a reward system for myself. I have a goal to rock the Zumbawear midriff in class - so this is (and has been) my motivation. When I lost all my weight the first time around, I took it 10lbs at a time - just so the whole process didn't feel as overwhelming. So this time around, I'm going to do the same thing. My reward: for every 10lbs I lose, I will give myself $100 to spend on Zumbawear (since that seems to be the only thing I want to spend money on! haha!). Potentially, by the end of my journey, I could have $200-$300 worth of Zumba gear! EEP! So excited! I haven't told the hubby this, but he will be okay with it.

So, since I'm back down to 178lbs - I only have 8 pounds to go from my initial starting weight of 180.8 before I get my first $100 to spend (is it sad that I already know most of what I want to buy???) haha!!!! If I really buckle down and focus, I'll have this gone soon enough! My body is weird - I'll drop a ton of weight quickly and then spend a few weeks maintaining before it drops again. I just need to continue my downward movement - having Zumbawear is definitely motivation to keep positive! I guess I've just turned into one of those people who needs that material physical motivation to keep moving towards my goals. Oh well! Whatever works, right???

I'll be updating with my running workout later today and keeping nutrition in line again! So excited!! I love having a new fire to keep motivated!!! New Zumba gear at 170lbs - let's go!!! Wahoo!!!!

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