Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And So It Begins...

Alrighty peeps!! Happy Wednesday!! Today began my "10,000 Swings Challenge" and I'm super excited about it!!! Since today is Wednesday and my busiest day of the week (3 classes after work) I couldn't kill it in the gym like I am planning tomorrow and Friday. BUT I still got a good headstart on my swings and I'm feelin' great! I forgot my heavier kettlebell today - but I think that's a good thing since I can't totally exhaust myself today.

On my lunch break, I was just boiling over with energy - so I grabbed my little shuffle MP3 player, my kettlebell, notebook (so I can track numbers) and headed on back to the gym. I was trying to figure out how best to do the swings, and I figured sets of 25 would make it easier to count. Today I decided to do a rotation of 4 different swings - which made an even 100 when I was done: Double Arm with Squat, Single Arm (both sides) with Squat, and NO squat (meaning all the movement has to come from the core & arms! They are ass kickers!) It worked really well for me and I think I'll be continuing that pattern for sure!

So here's how things went today - I made sure to get about parallel on every squat - I ran out of time so only got 3 sets on the Doubles, but tomorrow should be able to make it through 3 sets of everything (and I need to remember to bring my heavier bell)

Kettlebell Weight - 10 pounder
Double Arms with Squats: Set 1 - 25 reps, Set 2 - 25 reps, Set 3 - 25 reps
Single Arm (right) with Squats: Set 1 - 25 reps, Set 2 - 25 reps
Single Arm (left) with Squats: Set 1 - 25 reps, Set 2 - 25 reps
No Squat Swings: Set 1 - 25 reps, Set 2 - 25 reps

Total Time: 17 mins
Total Calories Burned: 130 calories

The "10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge" Total Count: 225 Swings
Total Time Spent Whoopin' My Bum into Shape: 17 mins
Total Calories Burned Kickin' My Ass: 130 Calories

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