Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Okay - back at it

So this weekend was super crazy - but I did an okay job with nutrition. My plan about eating more on Thursdays worked out well and I wasn't ravenous on Friday. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for date night dinner and I ate sensibly and dropped a little weight on Saturday morning.

Saturday, I was feeling a little lazy, but still knocked out 200 swings before we met a friend of ours for the afternoon. He and his family were in town and we haven't seen them in months, so we went to drive go carts and eat New Mexican food for dinner (needless to say, it was covered in cheese & chile - but SO good! haha!)

Sunday - it was all over. I knew it was going to be a rough day nutritionally. I ate a good breakfast at home and took the day off from working out. My body felt like it needed a rest. We went grocery shopping for snacks and chilled at home getting caught up on Being Human. We went over to a friend's house for the game and had a good time. Munched way too much, but that's to be expected I guess.

Weight was up 5lbs of water the next morning, but it dropped off after a day of eating well and I'm back on track today. Hopefully some more progress will be gained this week! Would love to drop enough to get me into the next "10-bracket" considering its only 2 pounds away! haha! Other than that, hubby and I had a total f*ck it all mood yesterday. Other than my Curves class I was totally lazy and didn't do any swings. My body was just tired - knees achy, feet hurt & just felt weak. So I decided to rest a little bit

The rest did me some good. As I stated before, I dropped all my water weight and am back on track. Resting yesterday gave me the energy to help me KILL my swings today!! Since I didn't want to destroy my knees, I didn't focus on getting as low on my squats and dropped my bell weight back down to the 10 pounder until I'm able to fully recover. I got 125 done on my first break, 375 done on lunch and another 75 done on my last break for a grand total of 575 swings for the day! Woot!!

Okay - that's about it for me. I've got two classes tonight and am looking forward to them. Here's my workout stats for the day:

Kettlebell Swings Challenge
Double Arm Swings with Squats: 6 sets of 25 reps
Single Arm Swings (Right) with Squats: 6 sets of 25 reps
Single Arm Swings (Left) with Squats: 6 sets of 25 reps
No Squat Swings: 5 sets of 25 reps

Total Workout Time: 34 mins
Total Calories Burned: 200 Calories Burned
Total Swings: 575!!!!

The "10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge" Total Count: 2,000 Swings
Total Time Spent Whoopin' My Bum into Shape: 110 mins
Total Calories Burned Kickin' My Ass: 700 Calories

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