Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday!

Alrighty peeps - we are back to Monday....back to the grind as they say. Anyways, this weekend was awesome. I'm getting a much better handle on my weekend eating and its starting to pay off!

Saturday night, we went out with some friends to Olive Garden for dinner (first time I've had pasta in 6 weeks!) and it was SO good! I swear they put crack on those damn breadsticks! haha! Anyways, after that - we went to our friend's chorus performance that was totally fabulous! We made it home around 10pm and I totally passed out at that point.

Sunday, we both slept in late. We didn't roll out of bed until around 10am and met hubby's mom for breakfast/lunch at Dions. Though I really wanted pizza, I was good and got a sandwich, salad & fruit (little victory!) Then we went grocery shopping & headed home. At that point, we both felt like we were in a "purging" mood and we decided to tear apart the bedroom (and enjoyed watching some snow while we were doing it!) We are getting rid of 6 garbage bags (so far!) of stuff to donate to goodwill and we moved the furniture around so its more functional in our giant bedroom. Needless to say - we love it! We worked our tails off, but it was worth it! Now onto the rest of the house! haha!

Once that was done, we both relaxed and watched an episode of Warehouse 13 on the DVR while I installed TurboTax on our computer. Got our taxes filed (not nearly as scary as I was thinking with all my classes!) and watched "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix - great movie that really makes ya think!

When I got up this morning, I had a total YIKES moment. When the alarm went off, I reached over to hit the snooze button and I tweaked my damn shoulder! It hurt like hell! I yelped so loud I woke hubby up and it wasn't feeling very good after that. I tried streching it in the shower but it still felt funky. I've got full forward range of motion, but anything going backwards hurts like hell right where my trap meets my deltoid on my collarbone. Go me!

This morning, woke up to only a 2 pound jump in the scale after all my weekend craziness instead of my usual 4 or 5 - which goes to show how much I'm learning about what I can and can't do with my nutrition to reach my goals but still enjoy life. Gotta love it!

Since forward motion doesn't hurt, I decided to hazard my swings today. I wanted to knock out a big number today just to get ahead for the first half of the month. Even though I know I've still got a few weeks left of this challenge, the fact that tomorrow is the 14th and I'm not quite halfway through my 10,000 swings made me a little nervous this morning. I'd always rather be ahead than behind.

Anyways, glad I decided to knock out my swings today instead of resting my arm! I was feeling energetic & strong today! I rocked out a whopping 820 swings at work!! That's the most I've done in a day so far & WITH a bum shoulder!! haha!! I'm super excited!! Since my shoulder was wonky and I don't want to risk injury - I took the swings a little slower, held them longer at shoulder height and really felt it all through my back today! I'm SO Thrilled!

Kettlebell Swings Challenge
Double Arm Swings with Squats: 8 sets of 25 reps plus another 20 reps at the end
Single Arm Swings (Right) with Squats: 8 sets of 25 reps
Single Arm Swings (Left) with Squats: 8 sets of 25 reps
No Squat Swings: 8 sets of 25 reps

Total Swings for the Day: 820 Swings!!!
Calories Burned: 261 calories
Total Time: 46 minutes

It is my goal tomorrow to surpass the halfway point in this challenge and it will be downhill from there for the rest of the month!!! Anyways, that's about it for me. Almost done with work, then home to eat some food and relax before Zumba tonight. Gotta love Mondays!!!

The "10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge" Total Count: 4,250 Swings
Total Time Spent Whoopin' My Bum into Shape: 246 mins
Total Calories Burned Kickin' My Ass: 1521 Calories Torched

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