Tuesday, August 23, 2011

YAY its Tuesday!

Alrighty folks - so how's things in my world??? Busy, chaotic, fabulously entertaining - pick your word! haha! My life is always busy (and getting ready to get busier) and that means that there's a happy form of chaos that I bring to my existence - this is just the way things are

Yesterday was a good day - weighed in around 180lbs in the morning and am feeling much better than I was. I've been 100% vegetarian for a week now and the differences are definitely there. I've stayed vegan for my work lunches and some dinners - but have kept things vegetarian when eating out and its working quite well. Weight is down 2 pounds from when I started this crazy journey last week and hope to continue to see a downward trend.

The hubby and I went out to dinner with a friend of ours at Zio's and I kept things vegetarian. It worked great. Weight stayed exactly the same (180 again this morning) which definitely is a sign of progress (usually it hops up by at least 2 pounds when I eat out due to water weight, etc). I didn't work out yesterday, but I did get the chance to run through some of my new Zumba songs on my break at work. Thankfully no one walked in the gym - If they would have, they would have thought I looked like a darn fool! haha!

Last night, I had the best sleep than I have had in weeks!! I woke up once and thought "UGH I probably only have about 20 more mins until the alarm goes off" (since this has been the trend recently) - looked at the clock and saw that I had a whopping 5 HOURS!!! YES!!!! I definitely had some extra energy this morning when I got up!

In other news - I finished Vampire Diaries Season One and am sad to say I'm hooked....so until Season Two comes out on DVD next Tuesday, I picked up the first of the books at Borders yesterday and started reading that (and now I'm hooked on that too - even though there are some striking differences between the books and show). AHH me and my sappy high school vampire sagas....a girl has to pass the time, right???

Plus - this is never bad to look at for an extended period of time! haha!

Anyways, back to how things are going with me...getting ready to roll out a new Zumba workout tonight at Curves. As always, there's a little bit of nerves prior to teaching 6 brand new songs that I haven't taught before - but I'm as ready as I'm gonna get...so I'll do the best I can. My spiffy new Zumba pants are coming in today - so we'll have New Pants & New Routine! Yippee!! I'll snap pictures of myself in the super cute new pants tonight - definitely excited!

I'm thinking that from now on (since things are about to get super busy with the after school program) that I'm going to make myself learn one new choreography a week - that way when the time comes to make another Curves mix of music, its not so overwhelming. Trying to get this new class thrown together in a week was definitely a bit crazy. I think this is the best way I can find to plan ahead as much as possible!

I also want to start incorporating more strength training into my routine - I just need to find the time to get it ready. I'm thinking something 3 days a week that's quick yet effective. I've been looking at a few programs and now that the new Zumba circuit is rolling out today I might be able to finalize a strength training plan this week.

Anyways, tomorrow is hopefully a running day. Since Wednesdays are so crazy normally for us - I might just try to run while I'm at work again on breaks and lunches. Even though it won't be consecutive miles - its better than nothing, right??? Anyways, at least that way the workout will get done and if anything comes up that evening I won't have to stress about trying to squeeze in (or missing) a workout.

So I think that's it for me - looking forward to new workout tonight and my new pants from the FedEx man! Have a good day everyone!

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