Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Manic Wednesday

Oh boy! Wednesdays just aren't good days for us! The hubby and I were (again) planning on going out to dinner tonight and I had a fabulous run planned. Yesterday we found out our friend's dad ended up in the ER with signs of a stroke and they've asked us to come to the hospital this afternoon. Just seems like Wednesdays are turning into "Family Emergency Afternoons"! OY! Last we heard, he was improving so I'm hoping he's still on the fast track to healing up.

In other news, today is Day 3 and I'm feeling fabulous! Nutrition might have to be vegetarian tonight depending on where we end up eating - but either way its okay. Emergency situations are what the "vegetarian rule" was designed for - just wasn't expecting one on Day 3! haha! I woke up to a nice 178lbs this morning, which means a total loss of 4lbs since I changed my eating around! Can't complain about that!

Also as of today, I have now officially bought myself everything I have needed and wanted in the fitness world (at least until the new line of ZumbaWear comes out :-P)! Arriving tomorrow is my new BodyBugg V3. Being delivered next week are new Zumba Speakers for class and a new Garmin Forerunner GPS watch and HRM (which I paid for with gift cards from my work - so it only cost me $30!) Today I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of Zumba Pants that I've been eyeballing for MONTHS (seriously, since before they came out - I saw a picture of them and wanted them!) I've been trying to talk myself out of them due to the cost, but today I just decided to say "F it!" and I ordered them! Woot!! Those should be arriving in about 3 business days! Also, for my last gift to myself I purchased a Foot Pod for my new Garmin, so I can use it to track my indoor runs as well (its normally around $60 and I found one for $30 with free shipping on eBay! Woot!).

Wow - it sounds like I've bought a lot for myself (and I have) but I can't say that I didn't do it smart! I paid $139 for the normally $200 Bugg, I paid $189 for the Zumba speakers (which was a necessary purchase that couldn't be avoided), $30 for a normally $400 Garmin Forerunner Watch and $30 for the normally $60 foot pod. My only real splurge was the $70 I just dropped on those darn pants...but they're super cute...I can't wait to try them on!! So only spending $470 on $920 worth of stuff really isn't bad at all! So even though I splurged with my extra bonus check - I did so very wisely and didn't waste my money, which makes me feel awesome!

OH - and just to toot my own horn - I had enough left over to also make a $600 credit card payment AND I'll be booking the hotels for our anniversary trip soon as well! Financially and nutritionally, things are going great! Now if I could only apply that same luck to our "Family Emergency Wednesdays" things would be perfect! haha!

I'll update this later if I'm able to get a running workout in - but if I'm not, I won't stress too badly about it. I just want my family to all be okay!

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