Friday, August 19, 2011

Finding the time...

Alrighty everyone - I know its been a while since I updated, so this might be a little longer than my usual posts

Thursday was a good day - did well on nutrition, ended a little low but I just wasn't hungry. Had a great Zumba class (its amazing how much better workouts go when you're actually feeling alright!) Thursday when I got home from class - hubby was at practice, so I had the house to myself. I made pasta so I could pack lunches, uploaded 2 Zumba CDs into iTunes and loaded them on my IPOD, created a new ZIC Mix for my Curves ladies through GarageBand (I already know most of the choreo for it, but need to practice before I roll it out), paid some bills, synced my V2 Bugg and set up my new V3 Bugg that was delivered Thursday night. Lo and behold, with all that I decided to do I ended up going to bed 2 hours later than I normally do (ugh!)

But look - its so pretty and BLUE!! I'm gonna look into other colored straps for it too - I'm thinking about custom making me a red one! Woot! And just a side thought - dude I look skinny in this pic!

Thursday, I also got my new supply of Vegan Protein Powder! I have a coworker who also works at Sunflower Market, so she was able to pick me up a jug of it at her discount (20%) - this crap is so expensive it STILL cost me $60 after her discount!!! OY! I guess if it works then its worth it right?? And yes - that is Storm hanging on my wall of my desk at work - go X-Men!

Friday was shaping up to be a super busy day as well. After work, I had a client until around 530ish, then the hubby and I had dinner plans with some friends of ours in town. So to ensure I got myself a decent workout/calorie burn in, I ran on every break/lunch during the work day! I got one mile done on my first break, two miles ran on lunch and another mile done on my last break (workout stats are at the bottom of the blog). OH and we got to go home 2 hours earlier than expected - so I went out and ran some errands around town before going home and enjoying a nap (since we were going to be out later that night). We went to O'Niells for dinner and I kept it completely vegetarian (vegan was tricky, so I kept it vegetarian and didn't feel deprived at all!). I also had a nice pint of Hard Cider and it was super yummy!

Saturday morning, I woke up not feeling super bloated (like I usually do when I eat bar food) so I am starting to think that this vegetarian approach is going to work well for me. I had my Zumba class at Curves and that was super fun - we had a blast as always. It was a little warm in the building, so my calorie burn was 100 calories higher than normal! After that, I went grocery shopping, picked up lunch for the hubby and I and headed home. I picked up a vegetarian twister burrito for myself and it was super yummy (plus its always nice to see the hubby on his lunch break!) Then I had a client come over and she and I hung out for a while - she is always fabulous to talk to! Then my friend who is getting married came over to the house and she tried on her wedding dress for the last time before the ceremony - she looked fabulous. I tried on my bridesmaid's dress again and it definitely fits better than it did before even if there isn't much difference in the scale - which is awesome!

THEN after that (busy Saturday, huh??), the hubby came home from work and we got ready to head over to our friend's house for a BBQ evening. They bought me Boca Burgers! YAY!! I indulged in a few Sam Adam's Octoberfests (one of my favs!), an unnecessary amount of trail mix (if its out, I eat it!), some crackers and the Boca Burgers. My tummy started to feel a little bit uncomfortable towards the end of the night, so we headed home. I think I just over-did it with the vegetarian junk food that day - but lesson has been learned!

Sunday, I totally allowed myself to sleep in - which was super nice! I didn't roll out of bed until almost 9am! EEK! Then I set up my new Zumba Speakers (which was delivered this weekend) in the living room and started practicing my new ZIC routine. Halfway through it, I realized some of the choreo is too tricky for my ladies - so I ended up having to edit the darn circuit THREE times before I finally came up with something I was happy with! OY! Needless to say I was Zumba-ing for quite a while yesterday! But my new speaker works beautifully! I'm super happy with it!

Once I had the choreo down, I allowed myself to be super lazy for the rest of the day - which was desperately needed! I wanted the rest of Season One of Vampire Diaries (I'm totally sucked in!) and can't wait for the next season to come out on the 30th! I'm gonna try to get the books today so that I can feed my horrid addiction to high school vampire stories until the DVDs come out! haha!

The hubby had his first volleyball game last night, but since it was so late I had to miss it. His team won all 3 games!! I am so proud of him!!! He really enjoys all the fitness aspects he's getting from playing volleyball again! We were joking that I'm the totally opposite when it comes to fitness - he enjoys playing in a team environment, it helps him push harder, whereas I prefer being on my own since I push myself harder when no one is watching (thus why I like running so much!) haha! We were joking that I just must not be a team player I guess :-P

Anyways - I think that's my crazy busy weekend in a nutshell. After all my indulgences, weight is sitting right at 180lbs this morning - which definitely shows a nice downward trend even with my crazy weekend of food. I think this veggie stuff is gonna work out well for me! Can't wait to see where I am next week!!

I got my Garmin delivered this weekend too, but haven't had a chance to play around with it yet. Hopefully I can maybe take it out tomorrow - today will be spent putting the final touches on the new ZIC routine since it will be rolled out tomorrow. New Zumba pants should be delivered tomorrow and then I'm still waiting on a few more purchases to be delivered - gotta love eBay! Woot! Definitely looking forward to another great week!

Running Workout Stats for Friday the 19th:
Mile One: 6.5 MPH (9:17 mile)
Total Workout Time (cooldown included): 14 mins

Miles 2-3: First ran at 6.5 MPH, Second ran at 5.5 MPH (11 min mile)
Total Workout Time: 25 mins

Mile 4: Ran at 5.5 MPH
Total Workout Time: 14 mins

Total Calories Burned: 626 (wahoo!)
Total Workout Time: 53 Mins (not bad for getting it done during the work day, eh?)
Total Distance Traveled: 4 miles

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 114.96 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 17,070 Calories GONE

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