Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post Vacation Update

Alrighty everyone - so now that Birthday/Arizona Trip weekend is over, I'm home and back on track. Its been a rough week for me nutritionally. Starting last Wednesday which was my MIL's birthday the eating poorly train officially started (we had Italian food!). This past weekend was also a friend's housewarming party (Saturday night), my birthday (Sunday night, which was super fun) and yesterday we just got back home from taking the kiddo back to Phoenix (so we were in Arizona from Monday through Wednesday). Needless to say, food has been "eating on the run" or "celebratory" for about a week now and my body is truly ready to get back on track. My tummy really hasn't been feeling good from all the rich foods we've been eating - so I'm totally ready for my "boring" healthy foods again! haha!

Arizona was awesome though - even though its always sad to take the kiddo back home. We went shopping, and I totally splurged and picked up a black Livestrong Nike sports Bra (love it!) and we went shopping around IKEA too which was super fun!

I've been keeping up with my workouts as best I can and my Bugg burns have been higher due to the warmer weather - so its been a little easier to compensate for the higher calorie intake. Weight was only up about 6lbs this morning from last Tuesday and I know its almost all water weight because my fingers feel fat & squishy - which considering I really didn't track what I was eating for a week, I'm not too upset about 6lb gain. The weight will definitely start to fall off today and hopefully continue on my downward trek throughout the month of August.

I picked up a new nutrition book (I raided Borders last week since it was closing) and it emphasizes eating various foods to help aid in recovery from workouts - meaning that one has to take less time between workouts and the body can ultimately train harder and recover faster. With me taking on multiple workouts a day with the after school program this September - this is really important to me - so I think my nutrition will be changing drastically now. OH - for anyone that's curious, this is the nutritional plan that Hugh Jackman used to train for his role of Wolverine in the second installment of X-Men (and every Wolverine movie after that)...

Granted - I don't want to be a big, burly, hairy Australian man as an end result of this...but considering he added 20lbs of muscle, lost fat, slept better, trained hard and raved about the program so much he wrote the "forward" for the book - I'm definitely interested. If I can maintain (or add) my muscle, drop fat, recover from my workouts faster while eating in a deficit AND sleep better - I'm sold! I'm thinking another "guinea pig" nutrition period is in my future!! Wahoo!!

Since we've been on the run for a week, our fridge and pantry are a little barren - so some grocery shopping is definitely required later on today. Also - my knees started hurting me on my last run - and I realized my running shoes are over a year old now (and I know I've put over 150+ miles on them) - so I will be picking up a new pair of running shoes today as well.

Hopefully I'll be back on track and will be able to do an "official" weigh in with progress pics next Saturday (if not it will come the week after, I promise!). Have a fabulous week everyone! Once I get grocery shopping and start eating better I'm looking forward to getting some great results - I think I might call this one "The Wolverine Transformation" and see how it goes :-)

We had a Hawaiian themed potluck at work today and I think I did a really good job - I had a plate of roasted sweet potatoes, zucchini, corn, fresh watermelon, pineapple, whole wheat roll and a small piece of grilled chicken. I think for a potluck at work I did a damn good job! I took pics of the food - but photobucket is being stupid - so I might have to edit this later and add them.

I also got a quick mile done this afternoon as well - which felt fabulous since its been a few days since I worked out. Granted, I am wearing jeans and a long-sleeve black hoodie, so it was definitely hot while running - it still felt darn good. Hopefully the new shoes will help even more!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 97.71 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 14,264 Calories GONE

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