Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ahh Good Day Indeed!!

So the new class went AWESOMELY yesterday! They loved it so much that they asked to do the same workout again!! It was STELLAR!! I got really good feedback from the ladies - both students and employees so I left feeling incredible! Needless to say I slept REALLY well last night! All those nerves were just GONE so it was really relaxing once I got home

The new Zumba pants are AMAZING to dance in!! They were absolutely perfect! Now I understand why they're $60 a pair!! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for additional pairs to stock up on if I see any good deals! Now I can't wait for the black and red pair to be delivered - hopefully sometime next week I'll get them (they're shipping from China - so they're estimated any time between now and September 20th - gotta love customs!)

Here's a pic of me in my super cute new blue Zumba cargos before class - they are AWESOME!

So today I woke up to a fabulous 177lbs (woosh, anyone??) and am really feeling good today. I'm thinking that my body is finally adapting to my new way of eating and its working out really well!! Last night, I made a fantastic dinner of fresh asparagus, yellow squash & zucchini cooked in a spicy hawaiian sauce with Shirataki Noodles - it was amazing and I had a TON of leftovers - so this is what I had to eat at work this morning! The whole plate was only 195 calories and I didn't finish all of it because it was just too much food!! Woot!

Since I know Wednesdays have been super crazy for us recently, I've decided to make sure I get a workout today - even if its not exactly what I wanted to do, I figure its better than nothing at all! So today on my breaks and lunches I ran on the treadmill just like I did last week. I'd prefer to have a consecutive run - but I definitely don't think that 4 miles over the work day is bad at all!

Mile 1 - ran on first break
1 mile ran at 6.5 MPH at my 9:17 pace
Total Workout Time: 11 minutes
Total Calories Burned: 135

Miles 2-3: First ran at 6.5 MPH, Second ran at 5.5 MPH (11 min mile)
Total Workout Time: 27 mins (Total Run Time 20:17 with cool down allowed)
Total Calories Burned: 315

Mile 4 - ran on last break
ran at 5.5 MPH for 0.75 mile, then I got bored, just wanted to kick it into high gear and knocked out 0.25 miles at 7.0 MPH
Total Run Time: 10:26
Total Workout Time: 14
Total Calories Burned: 160

For Entire Day:
Total Calories Burned: 610 (wahoo!)
Total Workout Time: 52 Mins (not bad for getting it done during the work day, eh?)
Total Distance Traveled: 4 miles ran in 40:03 - WOOT!! 10 min miles all day! Woot!

Tonight, as long as we don't get any emergency phone calls *knock on wood AND fingers crossed* the hubby and I are going to go out and run some errands and have a nice night together. It should be super fun! I'm looking forward to spending some time with him and getting some stuff done that needs to get finished. We're going to enjoy a nice dinner out, not sure where yet though. Its just going to be nice to spend some time with him for sure!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 118.96 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 17,680 Calories GONE

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