Wednesday, May 11, 2011

YAY for being back on track!!!

Alrighty peeps - yesterday was Day 1 of my Detox, Day 2 of being back on track and I know I'm doing something right - I'm back down to 176 as of this morning! ALL of the extra weight I gained last week is GONE! Woot! My body feels fabulous! Dropping 6 pounds in 2 days is crazy but I'm feeling amazing!! Having that "woosh" feeling is fabulous - having it TWICE in two days is so killer!!! I'm feeling awesome again today and look forward to what the next few days might bring!!

I'm trying to keep my fluids up again today, but I'm just really not as thirsty as I was yesterday (perhaps I'm recovered from the excess sodium??). I had Zumba at Curves last night and had a blast (as always!). Looking forward to Zumba again tonight & tomorrow and then its Friday! Woot! I love the fact that weeks go by faster when I have my Zumba classes!!

Saturday is shaping up to be super busy for me! Have Zumba at Curves at 930, Zumba at Rhino's at 1130, Kickboxing at Rhino's at 130 and then an Intro to Zumba class at Baila! at 4!! OY! My burn is going to be HUGE that day! haha! I'm going to do my best to pack food to get through the day - but if I need to eat out just to keep myself going, I won't be too upset!

Got in another mile run earlier today on the treadmill and loved it! Started out slowly (around a 5.5) but then my feet just wanted to go faster! So I upped it to 6.5 and stayed there until I was done! Played some great music (Sick Puppies & Cascada to be exact) and rocked out the mile in 9:42 - so not too shabby at all!

I think I've figured out that on Zumba days my body can easily handle 1 mile runs earlier in the day - but any more than that will exhaust me a little too much. This also ensures that I'm right around my 2600 cal burn for the day - which is always a good thing! PLUS - I get my extra energy (positive or negative) OUT early in the morning and then am very zen for the rest of the day! haha!

So I'll be sticking with the morning runs and then taking it easy for the rest of my breaks at work on days that I have Zumba - just so I don't overdo it. I want to get stronger & faster, but I don't want to hurt myself or over-train its a fine line to balance it all!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 26.62 Miles (I will run that extra 0.38 miles soon - just so its an even number again! haha!)
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 3,996 Calories GONE!

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