Monday, May 9, 2011

I am BACK!!

So today is a fresh start after the crappy week I had last week. After my massive amounts of food eaten this weekend - I woke up to a squishy 182.2lbs this morning. At the beginning of the week I was hanging around 176lbs, so being up around 6 pounds of water, excess food & bloat weight isn't really too bad considering everything I've eaten this week. I'm back on track nutritionally today (been taking pics to prove it!) and drinking lots of fluids so far - so hopefully the water weight will fall off today or tomorrow.

Anyways, I snapped some pics this morning just to see how I'm doing visually. I am a little thicker in my side pics - but that's expected from 6lbs of bloat. Other than that, I'm actually not too upset with the way I look. I never really looked terribly overweight when I was in the low 180's before the Vegan Investigation and I think I look around the same now. I really think this is more about how I "feel" more than how I look. I'm tired of feeling slow, fat & squishy and want to feel strong & lean again. Hopefully I'll be back there in a few days! *fingers crossed*




I'm actually tempted to do one of those 7 day detox/cleanse things - my body just feels SO crappy right now, so any jumpstart would be appreciated. There's a few that don't require any adjustment to a healthy nutrition and just work with your body naturally....I might have to see if I can find it in a store. There's one that's all natural, vegetarian & vegan friendly - but I'm having a hell of a time finding it in a store. I tried looking yesterday and just found a bunch of crappy fat burners & supplements that just aren't healthy, so I refuse to buy them.

Tattoos are almost completely healed and so I'm moving a lot better. These ones are smaller than the last pieces I had done, so the healing process was much easier!

In other news, my classes at the Rio Rancho studio start next Monday at 530 - I'm really looking forward to it! It should be super fun!! The grand opening is still scheduled for the 21st and I am totally starting to become neurotic about it. Once I am fully healed from the tattoo in between my shoulders and can wear a normal sports bra again - I'll be hitting the training hard. I want to make sure that I've got everything I need to lead a successful class - which I already do, just wanna make sure of it, ya know???

Since I don't have a class tonight, the hubby and I might go on an impromptu date night - we both wanna see "Thor" haha! Other than that - things are kinda boring. I've sent off my Business Proposal for the Zumbatomic classes in town...hopefully going to hear back on the approval for it soon. I am going to sign up for the licensing class today so no matter what I will be ready for it.

I think that's it...just trying to catch up on everything I've missed over the past week.

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