Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Topic of the Day: Karma

So - I'm tremendously bored at work today..and my coworkers are all bored with we're talking about awesome here's the topic of the afternoon:

When you see karma in action - do you feel a little bit of joy that there truly is some justice in the world?? I truly believe that people who work hard get what they deserve (which is everything they've wanted) - and those that are lazy & rely on other people will also get what they work for (which is nothing)

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Like the dude who brags about how perfect his marriage is ALL the time (to the point where its annoying) when he is secretly staying with a wife who regularly cheats on him

Like you know a woman who relies only on beauty (i.e. makeup & hairdye) because she can't use her brain to save her life and has no real friends because she is a b*tch to everyone around her - and all of a sudden she has a funky growth on her face that no amount of makeup can hide and no real friends to help her through her "crisis"

The person who does everything the same way every time expecting different results

The person who was tailgaiting you, almost causing a wreck & speeding being pulled over & getting a ticket

The person who was irresponsible with money all of a sudden realizing that everything revolves around credit

You get my drift....

I personally know that when karma b*tch slaps those in the face that have wronged me - I definitely have a moment of inner joy. I talked to a long time friend this week who informed me that karma is definitely coming full circle to people who (sorry to say) deserve it. Considering I'm working my tail off to accomplish my goals, its nice to know that karma does exist in this world

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