Friday, May 6, 2011

Evil Week Is Finally Over!!!!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I've been scarce recently - life was just super busy this week. I don't have a lot of time to blog (as I have to get up early for class tomorrow) but I wanted to give you all an update letting you know that I'm still alive!!! haha!

So - here's my quick recap of the week:

- had mandatory 3 day training for my job, which resulted in crappy sleep, funky schedules, really poor nutrition and lack of regular workouts

- managed to get in a 5K run on Wednesday AND set a new PR of 30:30! Next time around, I'm aiming for that sub-30 mark!

- I miss my Zumba classes so much I actually started having dreams about them (on Wednesday night) - I really need my fun fabulous workouts!!! Thankfully tomorrow I'll be back at it!!!

- weight is up and I have to not be upset about it - with schedules being crappy, I wasn't able to go grocery shopping until today so I've been eating out of restaurants ALL week - thus the evil water weight is back and I've been feeling fat all week! GIR!

- haven't even thought about keeping up with my photo/nutrition blog - access to computers all week was minimal. Tomorrow & Sunday look grim as we have birthdays and Mother's Day - so I've purchased food and plan on 100% on track nutrition (meaning strictly vegan until this water weight is gone!) as of Monday. There's no point in stressing about everything I've eaten this week (and the food I will have access to in the next 2 days). All I can do is try to keep moving and start over on Monday.

- brighter news, I traded my artist for some ink time - so I used it to touch up my tattoos that were looking faded on my back. My star (in between my shoulders) was pushing 8 years old and my tribal on my lower back was over 10 years old - so they desperately needed a little lovin'. I got them both touched up/re-done today and they look fabulous! The star looks the same - so I'm not going to bother posting pics of that one, but the tribal needed some adjustments made to it. It was off center just a slight bit and needed to be slightly modified to look balanced with my back piece, so with the original design & new pieces around it in mind, this is what we came up with:

I really think it looks more balanced while keeping true to the original design yet complimenting the piece around it - so I'm thrilled!! I'm planning on getting one more smaller piece soon as well, but that one will have to wait a few more weeks.

So - in a nutshell, week was hell, nutrition was awful, sleep was crappy, got a few workouts in - but nothing major, I miss my Zumba classes, I got tattooed (again) and love it (as always) and plan on another piece soon, and back on track on Monday as this weekend is already shot.

That's about it! I really miss all of you and promise that I'm not ignoring anyone! I will catch up in a few days when I get some time to relax!!!

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