Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

So I personally LOVE Friday the 13th's - they always seem to be good days for me! I'm in an awesome mood and can't wait for the work day to be over! This morning, woke up to around 176lbs again, but sodium has been high the past 2 days so I'm thinking that I really might be lower than that. We'll have to see what happens this weekend when I add in my "cheat" meals to the equation.

Today is a non-Zumba day, so I allowed myself to get in some more running on the treadmill. I have already knocked out 2.38 miles (so I'm at a solid number again! haha!) and burned 360 calories - and its only 11am! Woot! I would like to try to get in one more easy mile on my last break so that I make sure my cardio and burns are covered for the day. Plus, I find that when I don't really care about speed or pace my runs are super fun and effortless - I just go and go and go! haha!

So the hubby said something yesterday that got me thinking a little bit. At first I wasn't sure how to react to it - but after thinking about it for a while I think I've figured it out. He said yesterday that he is starting to see more of the "old" me coming out. When I asked him what he meant by this he said "the old you never cared about calories or anything like that" first I thought, does he want me to get fat again??? How am I supposed to respond to that??? Sure, the "old" me ate more freely, but she also had a lot of issues that the "new" me doesn't have. "Old" me lacked self confidence (thus the not giving a sh*t about what I ate). "Old" me rarely set goals for herself and rarely pushed herself to accomplish anything. Why would he want this person to come back??

Even though "new" me is a little neurotic about calories sometimes, I'm really trying to get better about it. Eating vegan allows for me to eat a little more freely than when I'm not (as I don't have to worry about excess calories from fats in dairy and meats). I am happier this way - simply because I feel better. I don't have to worry about counting calories so much - I really only do it to match up with my Bugg - to make sure I'm not eating too much or too little.

Its definitely something to ponder - I guess I never really realized how much my verbalization of my nutritional frustrations impacted others. Perhaps instead of bitching about it, I just need to do it (I've been working on improving this for a while now). Since the vegan investigation, I've realized this is the lifestyle for me - but I'd never ask my hubby to put up with a full time vegan. I came up with the 5/2 split to make us both happier. This is really the first week I've stuck with it, so I'm hoping it goes well.

I really want to be that carefree woman again - but without all the issues. I want to be a healthier, happier version of that carefree person....its taking time....but its coming...I'm doing new things every day that I never thought I could do (more updates on that later! haha!) I love seeing myself change and become a better person

Anyways - that's enough ramblings for me - I'll update later with any additional runs I get in on my breaks and what not. Also - it seems like my blogs from yesterday are I'm hoping that they'll magically come back *prays to the blogger gods* - but if not I'm sorry if it seems like I missed a day in there...I promise I didn't!

Hope you all have a happy Friday the 13th!!!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 30 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 4,506 Calories GONE!

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