Monday, May 23, 2011

D-Day, Zumba Queens & Vicious Circles....

Hey everyone! So I survived the weekend - nutrition was awful but I'm getting back on track today (kind of - explanation will come later). I burned a ton of calories this weekend and there's no way I ate over maintenance, but I'm up due to excess water weight. Which leads me to the vicious circle comments - my weekends are totally messing me up. I can only seem to get back to around 176-175lbs before I have another night out and my weight shoots back up. I really need about 3-4 weeks with no eating out in order to feel like I'm making some progress!

I was really hoping that the 5 day vegan 2 day Omni schedule was going to work for me, but I haven't seen a lot of progress on it. I am a pro at dropping water weight - then I'm sitting pretty right around 175lbs for the rest of the week. I'm thinking that I need to perhaps make it 6 days vegan 1 day Omni for a few weeks and see how it goes. The hubby and I have some extra motivation to start dropping some inches (note - I said INCHES - not pounds! haha!) - we are both in the wedding parties of some friends who are getting married in September. All of us will be working out and keeping nutrition in line together - so we have a little under 4 months to get looking awesome.

I'm toying with a few different options for this. I'm contemplating sticking with 100% vegan for 6-8 weeks (since I saw a 12lb loss the last time I went for 4 weeks) to drop the weight and then do a slow reintegration of some omni foods/cut for the remaining 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding (with the occasional indulgence day in there somewhere). I think this will work out well for me - as long as my hubby doesn't go crazy because of it (me eating vegan has always been harder on me than it has for him). He will be on his own eating plan (which will be more paleo than anything else) so he will have his food to worry about and I will have mine. Since we are working opposite schedules, its easier to have each of us be responsible for our own meals and I think this will work out well!

SO - now after venting about my vicious circles & figuring out new nutrition plans - this past weekend was debut at the new dance/Zumba studio! It was super fun, and I was SUPER tired at the end of the day! I burned over 3,900 calories, walked 21,035 steps and had over 5 hours of workout activity time according to my Bugg - I was totally wiped out! AND I still don't feel 100% recovered yet. Because I am still a little tired, I am still skipping the running at work. Priority is having energy for Zumba classes - so running is on hold until my energy levels are back up where they need to be!

Okay - now that the "blog" part is done - here's some pics from the Grand Opening this weekend. My buddy was there taking some awesome promo photos (which is why some of them look so artsy! haha! He was using a fisheye lens for some of them too!)Horozontal red/white stripes aren't the most flattering on me (it reminded me of "where's waldo?") but it was the uniform that all the instructors had to wear - so it wasn't a biggie.

Me dancing around before the opening started:

Getting ready to lead my songs:

Dancing - I messed up once, but oh well! haha! It was fun and that's what matters

Me dancing (later in the evening) with my friend's daughter - she is 4 and totally a future Zumba Queen!

I think that's it for now. Nutrition is kind of off today because we haven't had time to go grocery shopping. Hopefully we'll be able to go soon! In the meantime, we're trying to keep it as healthy as possible until we are able to stock up the kitchen with healthy foods!

Have a great day everyone!

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