Friday, May 20, 2011

Recovery Days Are Nice...

...even though my recovery days still include a 600 calorie workout! haha! Had Zumba last night at Curves and had a blast as always! The shoes did GREAT!!! This weekend is the Grand Opening at Baila! It should be super fun! I'm looking forward to it for sure! My "uniform" is red, black & white - which will totally match with my new shoes...totally stoked!

I have been really lazy otherwise though. I haven't ran at work in 3 body just felt worn out and I didn't want to succomb to overtraining, so I stopped running this week and feel TONS better. Hopefully I can pick back up with running on Monday. Also, yesterday I said f*ck it with nutrition and ate what I wanted....oddly enough, I still ended at a deficit! haha! I ate chicken nachos, chocolate pudding, Snickers Peanut Butter Squared (so good!), a grilled cheese sandwich and dinner was 2 crunchy tacos and green chile cheese fries! It was super yummy and all in all came to about 2,415 calories (and I burned around 2,600).

After all that food and sodium, I'm right at 176lbs this morning - which is awesome. Today is an "off" day as well. Its date night tonight and I'm not really worried about what I'll eat so far and then hopefully tomorrow will be better - but we'll have to see. As I posted yesterday, I'm just trying to survive the weekend. Once the hubby is on board, this will be SO much easier!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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