Saturday, December 11, 2010

ZUMBA & Mile 14!

So this morning I woke up craving an ass whooping! haha! So I got up and did Zumba Sculpt & Tone with weighted gloves (my arms are gonna feel it tomorrow!) - I burned 450 Calories in 48 mins...and I'm already feeling sore from it! Woot! THEN, I hopped on the treadmill and knocked out Mile 14 of my Marathon to Christmas! I had to walk part of it because my legs felt like jello from Zumba, but its done! I feel awesome! Now time to eat, shower & relax until Kickboxing class at noon! Yippee!

Zumba Sculpt & Tone - 450 Calories in 48 mins with weighted gloves

My Marathon to Christmas - Mile 14
Total Time: 12:42
Speed: 3.8-5.5 MPH on treadmill
Total Calories Burned: 165

Total Burn So Far Today is 615!! Pretty damn good if I do say so myself! Now time for yummy foods!

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