Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marathon Mile 10!!

So I got Mile 10 of my Marathon to Christmas completed today! Yippee!! I am in the double digits and almost halfway done! That's exciting! I was a little sore from yesterday's 2 miler and didn't wear the best shoes - so I took my run a little slower today, but it felt nice to finish it!

There's lots of people at work that are getting sick - I guess its that time of year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't catch anything! I'm drinking a lot of fluids and the daily workouts help keep my metabolism & immune system up so hopefully I don't get anything yucky!

Weight is still hovering at my pre-Thanksgiving weight and I'm hoping to be down to the low 170s or high 160s by Christmas - we'll see if that happens though! Who knows - I could be pleasantly surprised! Still using the Bugg and loving every minute of it! Nutrition has been around 1400 cals a day, and the daily runs are a nice motivation to stay on track over the day as well!

My Marathon to Christmas - Mile 10
Total Time: 11:32
Speed: 5.2-6.0 on Treadmill
Total Calories Burned: 175

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