Monday, December 6, 2010

Miles 8 & 9 - BACK TO BACK!!!

Woot!! So we had an awesome weekend! Got my run and kickboxing done on Saturday (see prior blog) and had a blast with that. Yesterday, we helped a friend of ours move, so I got a lot of movement yesterday morning. I didn't get my run in, but I wasn't too upset about it since I was a mile ahead from last week anyways & I was running around all morning lifting things.

Been hitting my calories on the Bogy Bugg and weight is slowly starting to come down again. I am happy about that. Its really a great motivator to see that negative number on the screen at the end of each day!

Today, after work I am going to go shopping for some holiday clothes. I need a new pair of black pants, so might hit up some stores on the way home. Today at work on my lunch break, I was planning on getting in Mile 8, and I felt so good at the end of it that I just kept going and knocked out Mile 9 of my Marathon as well!! Wahoo! I am so excited! Definitely good times! Nothing like a 300+ calorie workout in the middle of a work day to make the day go faster!

My Marathon to Christmas - Miles 8 & 9
Total Time: 22:57
Speed: First 1.75 miles were 5.2, last 0.25 mile was 5.5-6.0 on treadmill
Total Calories Burned: 310

Gotta love it!! Might get a Zumba workout in this afternoon - we'll have to see how busy things get after work! Have a good one everybody!

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