Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Marathon Mile 25!!!

Only 1.2 miles left now!!! Holy crap!!! I'm almost done!!! Ran Mile 25 in 9:35 - matched my previous PR!!! I'd love to try to push myself faster for my last mile and set a new PR - but I'm of the mindset that I'll just do the best I can!

I'm toying with the idea of setting a resolution for myself to run 365 miles in 2011 - at least 1 mile a day. This seems daunting, but I've been really enjoying this Marathon and I'd love to keep up with my running. We'll see if this happens. Over the past 24 days, I've incorporated running into my daily routine and its almost a habit now. Its someing I really look forward to and its a nice release of endorphins & stress every day. I'm still working on my resolutions for 2011 - but they will be finalized in a few weeks :-D

I have never really done resolutions in the past - as I thought they were just meaningless goals and excuses to put off what could have been done today. Its always been my goal to be a better person and in a better place than I was the year before. This last year was the first time I actually made a resolution (after my husband made a bet he is about to lose! haha!). I have now realized that these resolutions can help me become that better person in different aspects of my life. Who would have thought that something as silly as not dying my hair for a year would have been a 12 month test of character, patience & willpower! haha!

OH and I celebrated a little victory today - I got ALMOST all my hair back into a ponytail. This makes me happy considering only a few months ago the idiot hairdresser cut it WAY too short! My hair seems to grow faster when I don't destroy it with hair dye and bleach - go figure...

My Marathon to Christmas - Mile 25
Total Time: 9:35
Speed: 6.3-7.0 MPH
Total Calories Burned: 160 (I remembered my HRM! YAY!)

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