Monday, December 20, 2010

Update from My World!!

OMG its been a crazy weekend! On Thursday afternoon, I drove up to Santa Fe in preparation for my Zumba licensing. The normally 40 min drive took me over an hour and a half with the weather. People were driving like asswipes and causing accidents and I got SO pissed! I love the snow, I just hate other drivers in the snow!

Anyways, after lots of confusion over locations & start times due to weather delays, Zumba happened! It was AMAZING! Our 8 hour workshop included 6 hours of dancing....yes 6 hours!!! I was exhausted!!! My BodyBugg said I burned over 3300 calories that day!!! Woot!

Since our class started late due to the snow, it ended later than expected. By the time I got out of class, the roads had already started to freeze again and I couldn't make it home! I stayed at my mom's house again and got to drive back on Saturday morning.

The hubby and I didn't get much time together because I had my kickboxing class on Saturday afternoon, then after that we went to our annual Christmas party with some friends. Since Halloween is our favorite holiday, we decided to have Halloween in December - thus why we call it Decemberween! This year's theme was dead musicians - so the hubby and I went as 20's Jazz singers - it was way fun!

Yesterday I took as a well deserved rest day. I didn't do a damn thing related to fitness and it was awesome. Nutrition has been awful over the past few days (that's what being stuck at someone else's house does! I eat random stuff!) - however my weight is still down lower than last week. I think the nutrition overhaul prior to Zumba and the workouts help offset that.

Today I got back on track and ran miles 21 and 22 back to back on the treadmill in 23:10! Gotta love it! I felt great getting that knocked out! Only 4 more miles and I am done with my marathon!! I love it!!! We are all done with our Christmas shopping, I only have to work through Wednesday and then I'm on vacation, and my step-son arrived earlier this morning! It is officially the holiday season!

My Marathon to Christmas - Miles 21 & 22
Total Time: 23:10
Speed: 5.2
Total Calories: 275-ish (forgot the damn strap to my HRM today! go me!)

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