Saturday, December 4, 2010

miles 6, 7 and cardio Kickboxing!

So its been a busy few days, but I've made time for my running workouts, which makes me happy. Weight is still up a little bit but I don't feel as bloated as I normally do, so I know something is going right. Nutrition has been good this week except for today. We had a kids birthday party to go to and I indulged in cake and cookies n cream ice cream! It was yummy!

My runs yesterday and today were a little slower than Mile 5, but I've been tired so I'm just happy they got done. Today I did my run 20 mins before teaching my cardio kickbox class and didn't want to kill my legs before then.

My "Marathon to Christmas" mile 6 - ran yesterday
Total Time: 11:19
Speed: 5.0-6.0 on treadmill
Total Cals Burned: 165

My "Marathon to Christmas" mile 7 - ran earlier today
Total Time: 11:19 (same time as yesterday! Woot!)
Speed: 5.2-5.5 on treadmill
Total Cals Burned: 180 (I think this is higher than yesterdays run since I maintained a faster pace during the whole run instead of fluctuating)

I also burned 420 cals during my kickbox class today in 45 min, so I am happy. Since today I am a little higher in cals in my food, I am glad I had a good burn in my workouts. Tomorrow we are helping a friend move, so that should be a nice burn too! Woot!

have a good night!

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