Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marathon Mile 18!!!

I felt inspired on my lunch break to get another run in today! Yippee!! I got another mile run done in 9:51!! Today is the first day where I've completed 2 sub-10 min miles!!! I am STOKED!!! I know I'm getting stronger with my running - I can feel the changes my body is making and I LOVE it. I am more comfortable at the sub-10 mile pace than I was a week ago, and I am pushing myself harder than I have before! I feel like a bad ass! haha! Accomplishing things you never thought possible will totally do that - and that feeling is addictive!! :-D

My Marathon to Christmas - Mile 18
Total Time: 9:52
Speed: 6.0-7.0 MPH on Treadmill
Total Calories Burned: 175 (with a 5 min cool down walk afterwards)

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