Monday, December 13, 2010

Mile 15, Zumba & Lots of Veggies!

So we had an awesome weekend! Friday night, hubby & I had a date night at a local hockey game and had a blast! Saturday night, we had an amazing dinner at a friend's house and watched the UFC fight - which was probably one of the best title fights we've seen in a LONG time!

Since I had 3 workouts on Saturday - I took yesterday off from running. My legs just needed a rest. I did the 20 min Zumba workout and burned about 150 cals, but the treadmill just wasn't going to happen.

Got back on track this morning and ran Mile 15 for my marathon in 10:53. Not too shabby considering I am still half asleep! It just seems like I'm having a harder time catching up on sleep recently - gotta love the holidays!

My Marathon to Christmas - Mile 15
Total Time: 10:53
Speed: 5.0-6.0 MPH on treadmill
Total Calories Burned: 150

I started my new 5 day nutritional overhaul yesterday and am LOVING it! I didn't feel hungry or deprived all day! I just want to get some of this extra water weight off before Christmas so I can truly see where I stand from a weight standpoint. My body feels so good when I make sure to keep my eating in line! Just the 1 day of eating better has made a huge difference so far! Can't wait to see where I am by Thursday!

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