Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Workout for 07/06 - and Nutrition update

So after a MUCH needed break from working out - and a crazy weekend of unhealthy food for the 4th of July holiday - I am back to working out as of today! I was really tired and groggy this morning, so I didn't get a workout in before work - but I got a good 22 min interval training on the elliptical at work during my lunch and burned around 227 calories (this was on the machine display - I didn't have my HRM). It feels nice to get back to working out and eating right. Those "refeed" days were really hard on my body. I notice that when I eat poorly, all of my tummy issues come back - so this is just more motivation to keep my nutrition in line. I also have a session with a client this afternoon, so that extra movement will definitely help!

After some careful consideration, I've stopped the nutrition plan that I had started for my "Overhaul". Being a hypothyroid, nutrition tends to have a HUGE influence on how I feel - and on this program I just felt awful, and the results weren't worth it. I noticed decent progress the first cycle, but the second cycle I didn't notice anything - which wasn't worth all the hard work. The workouts are killer, and I will keep those up on Strength days - but the nutrition aspect has gone back to the way I was eating prior to the overhaul, which seems to work well for me.

I found a stellar website that provided me with one of the most realistic and accurate Body Fat calculators online - using multiple girth measurement sites - so I was thrilled! Out of all the other crappy ones out there, this one was the best I've found (and NO, its not the Navy one). According to it, I am currently 26.31% body fat - which matches my calipur readings from home and is definitely an acceptable level of fat - could definitely be worse! Based on that information, I currently have 122lbs of lean body mass and I was able to calculate my weight when I am at (or near) goal body fat. This was helpful so I'm not just flying blind into weight loss this time.

At my goal of around 18% body fat, I will be around 143-145 pounds - so I have around 20lbs of fat left to lose - which is visually surprising, but a definite and exciting possibility! I have been told I already look pretty small and carry my weight well (I'm currently in a size 6 and very proportionate for my build) - so it will definitely be interesting to see how my body leans up over the next few months. My husband was shocked when I told him that there was 20lbs left to lose on me somewhere! haha!

I think that's it for me - going to get back into regularly working out and will be updating this thing daily. I am shooting for a mix of cardio and strength training and I am hoping for 1-2 pounds of loss each week. All of my food and workouts will be tracked online and in a notebook I carry to help keep track of everything - so hopefully within about 10-12 weeks I will be much closer to my fabulous lean goal!

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