Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Workout for 06/29

Well, today was weigh in day - and I'm mildly disappointed. Weighed in at the same that I was last time - which is good (that I didn't gain weight) but not good as well. My measurements are the same too, which is a bummer. Oh well - hopefully I'll see some progress next weigh in

Did a Density workout this morning and might try to get in some cardio this afternoon. who knows how lazy I'll be feeling - it is "cheat" day afterall. The hubby also helped me with my Pull-Ups last night. I've never been able to complete these, but thanks to his help, I think I'm almost there. I'm going to try again tonight and see how far I get

Here's my workout for today:

Density Workout performed circuit style with 3 circuits - I upped my weights this time around on some of the exercises so I am happy that I'm at least getting stronger

Circuit One
Reverse Lunge with Javelin Press - 30 sec per leg
Set 1: 11 right leg/11 left leg with 12.5lb weight (weight increase)
Set 2: 11 right leg/11 left leg with 15lb weight (weight increase)
Dumbbell Swing - 45 seconds
Set 1: 21 completed with 15lb weight
Set 2: 21 completed with 20lb weight (weight increase)
Jump Squats - 45 seconds
Set 1: 44 completed (9 more than last time)
Set 2: 40 Completed (7 more than last time)
Traveling Hand Walkouts - 60 seconds
Set 1: 4 completed
Set 2: 5 completed

Circuit Two
Push Up Walks on Medicine Ball (set of 3) - 30 Seconds
Set 1: 5 Completed
Set 2: 6 Completed
Dumbbell Row - 35 seconds
Set 1: 17 reps with 12.5lb weights (weight increase)
Set 2: 17 reps with 15lb weights
Goblet Squat - 45 seconds
Set 1: 19 reps with 15lb weights
Set 2: 18 reps with 20lb weights
Dumbbell Curl-to-Press - 25 seconds
Set 1: 6 reps with 10lb weights each arm
Set 2: 6 reps with 12.5lb weights each arm

Circuit Three
Y-Press - 45 seconds
Set 1: 12 reps with 10lb weights each arm
Set 2: 12 reps with 12.5lb weights each arm
Garhammer Raise - 60 seconds
Set 1: 34 completed
Set 2: 35 completed

Total Workout Time: 40
Total Calories Burned: 240

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