Friday, September 30, 2011

Wow its a weird day...

So after my scale success yesterday - things got kinda rough. Food wasn't the best all day and when I got home from class, the hubby wanted to go out to dinner. I wanted to spend time with him (since I've barely seen him all week) so we went to Hot Tamales and had a fun time just hanging out. The food was good as always - but it didn't settle well with my tummy and it caused me to not sleep very well. Also, it was really cold in our house last night (we left the cooler on) and so that didn't help me get a restful sleep either.

This morning I woke up not feeling so great. Water weight made the scale jump again and I had ZERO appetite. I had planned on packing a lunch - but nothing sounded good at all. BLEAH! Just so I had something to eat, I grabbed 2 Clif bars on the way out the door - and forced myself to eat one around 630am just so I had something in my tummy but I just haven't had the appetite to even think about eating the other one.

I've been super thirsty all day - so I've been drinking lots of fluids. I had a sneezing fit earlier today that just totally messed up my sinuses - can't quite breathe, ears are all clogged up, nose is runny yet stuffed (like what happens after you've cried, ya know?) just feel YUCK!

I've had about 4 cherry lifesavers as well over the past few hours, but my appetite isn't coming back at all. I feel super tired and am looking forward to napping after work today. Being super tired also means I'm feeling super girly right now - fat, squishy, emotional, grumpy - just not good. I hate days like today - I just don't feel like myself.

Tonight the hubby and I are just gonna take it easy - we are gonna stay home, probably munch on grilled cheese sammiches & popcorn and watch a few movies on the Blu-Ray player. I've been so busy that just snuggling on our couch together sounds like the perfect way to spend the evening.

Given the way I currently feel - I don't think any workouts will happen today. I don't have any classes and so I think I'm going to take it easy today. Rest days are rare for me so I might just chill and try to get out of my "girly" funk.

I think that's about it for me right now - don't wanna blog too long for fear of becoming whiny - I hate reading whiny "woe is me" blogs and would hate to display the behaviors that annoy me so much. After work today, gonna swing by Sam's Club and pick up granola bars for the Zumbathon this weekend. Probably going to also stop at Barnes & Noble to see if I can find a journal. Considering how badly food impacted me last night - I think its really important to keep a log of how things are making me feel over the next 90 days. Granted, I'll still be using this online journal and Spark - but having a journal with me 24/7 will make it easier to track patterns over the day.

I hope I feel better after I get some sleep!! *fingers are crossed*

Happy Friday everyone!

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