Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quickie Update

So I don't really have much to update on. I started my 5am shifts and I'm perpetually tired all the time (joys of adapting to a new shift). Because I'm tired - I'm wanting to eat almost everything in sight. However, I've been as good as I can. I've kept it vegetarian every day this week and only had tummy problems after my Omni meals this weekend - otherwise I've been good and haven't experienced any unexpected tummy issues. Weight has been chillin' around 179-180 the past few days and I have been eating between 1700-2200 calories a day so I figure that's right around maintenance or at a slight deficit (according to my Bugg)

Clothes are still fitting well (happy size 6) and I only feel squishy when my sodium is higher than it should be. Last night the hubby and I went to dinner with the family at Saggio's and I had a fabulous calzone filled with veggies (mushrooms, black olives and broccoli) and I treated myself to a chocolate cannoli for dessert, which was super yummy - and I still woke up to a stable 180lbs this morning (no water bloat at all! Woot!)

I haven't been able to run since last week because I've been so sleepy and I don't want to over-exert myself right now. I've been napping almost every day after work and just feel crazy tired. I've been drinking more caffiene than I usually do, but that's what adapting to a new schedule is like. There's tons of stuff I've been wanting to get done (like my running workouts) - but wedding stuff for my friends take priority. Their wedding is September 10th so they're getting down to the last little bit of crazy times.

I've got another friend's bachelorette party/bridal shower tomorrow night that should be super fun. She is also getting married on September 10th, but her reception is on the 17th, so even though we have to miss the wedding (due to the other one) we still get to celebrate with her and her hubby. She's one of my Zumba students and she asked me to lead a Zumba party tomorrow night for all of our friends - which should be fabulous. I also have a friend hosting a Mary Kay party on Saturday and then my nephew's birthday party on Sunday - so this weekend already seems busy for me. Thankfully I have Monday off and I'm going to use it to get everything finalized with the Zumbatomic program which starts on Tuesday.

I have Zumba class tonight which should be awesome - I'm looking forward to an exhausting workout so I'll probably push myself a little harder today than I normally would just to try to get some energy out. Since I've been trying to recouperate and adapt to this new shift as much as possible, I've been reading more than I usually do. I've already torn through 4 books in a week and already started another one today. It kind of feels nice to be a book nerd again - but I don't like feeling lazy, so I'm having to force myself to relax....which feels weird, even though I know its necessary. I can't afford to get burned out, exhausted or injured prior to starting this after school program - so the resting is a necessary evil at this point in time. I don't feel bad about taking time off from working out since I'll be working out consistently starting next week

I also was asked to help instruct classes for a Zumbathon to benefit the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation in early October - which will be totally awesome! I sent the organizer my selection of music today so hopefully I'll be able to lead a few of my new songs - which are super fun! I'm going to be getting the information out to all of my students tonight and hopefully we'll have a good turnout! Its on October 2nd at 2 in the afternoon, so that should work out well with my schedule and be all for a good cause at the same time!

Okay - I think that's about it for me... any more rambling and I'll just stop making sense (plus I'm on a conference call and really *should* be more engaged! haha) I have some errands to run after work and then I'll be heading home for my daily nap before class tonight. I haven't been sleeping very well (which is to be expected given the circumstances) so my naps at least are helping me feel more human again. Fingers are crossed that I'll be able to get myself a run done on Sunday morning!! Hopefully it will happen!!

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