Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something is going right...

So the whole "intuitive eating" thing is starting to pay off...for the first time in WEEKS I saw something below 180 on the scale this morning! I saw a lovely 179.2lbs and I'm noticing my clothes are fitting looser as well which made me happy. I have been eating out almost every day, but I've been eating mindfully. I've been vegetarian almost all week and feeling pretty good. Sleep has been lacking, but that's getting better than it has been in a while. So I'm definitely happy with the progress my body is making!! Can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks!!! Hopefully clothes will continue to feel looser :-D

Yesterday's crazy Wednesday was much better than the past ones. I walked/danced over 14,000 steps and burned over 3,000 calories (as I usually do) and my body is finally getting used to it after 4 weeks of the after school program. I was tired afterwards, but not wiped out like I was the first 2 weeks. I've been taking energy supplements that are amazing - they help curb my appetite a little, so I'm not eating everything in sight and up my energy levels so I can survive the crazy days.

Today is definitely going to be a little easier than Tuesday and Wednesday usually are - I only have 1 school to go to today and I'm getting out of work a little early to run some errands which will be nice. Hopefully I will be able to nap a little bit before going to the school.

Other than that, my last "official" weigh in for the next 90 days will be on Saturday. I want to go pick up a journal so I can document how I'm feeling when I'm not able to update my blogs online - I think that will be my mission for this weekend. Also this weekend, I have my normal Zumba class on Saturday, training clients both days and my Zumbathon on Sunday afternoon which will be super fun! I get to do 3 of my favorite songs, so I'm definitely excited!! Its completely sold out - which is great for the foundation we're taking donations for!! I'm super excited to be able to help out with this great cause! Hopefully someone will be taking pics!

Anyways, I think that's about it for me! I'm looking forward to an easy day and some restful time this weekend! I am going to start prepping a new circuit for Curves this weekend and hopefully roll it out in the next 2 weeks, so that's lots for me to work on as well. Lots to do - but lots of fun as well!!

Things are going in the right direction for sure! Hopefully it will continue to go that way!! Woot!

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