Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things are getting better...

Hey there! So after a rather rough week last week - things are improving. There was a huge rainstorm here last night and I feel like I finally got a good nights sleep (I sleep like the dead when it rains) Today is Day 2 of my 21 Day Vegan Nutrition Jump Start challenge. Yesterday, I was kinda grumpy about it - just not really feelin' it. But after work, I went to the farmers market & Sunflower to stock up on fresh foods. I got kiwis, mangos, watermelon, plums, grapefruit, apples, sweet potatoes & lots of other goodies (lara bars were on sale too!) After picking up all that amazing food - it was hard to NOT get excited about the next few weeks!

AND after my fabulous workout last night, and a killer nights sleep, I woke up to a 3lb drop on the scale this morning! Woot! THAT definitely feels good!! I always felt amazing while I was eating vegan - and once again, it took less than 24 hours for my body to turn around again!! Wahoo!!! Definitely a happy camper!! I'm going to do my best to track all my foods on this challenge, but the glorious thing about vegan is that its almost impossible to eat at a surplus - so I'm just gonna eat when I'm hungry :-)

Today is a running day - as well as 2 of my After School classes - so will definitely get lots of movement in. I'll post my running workout after its completed. Yesterday - with being entirely lazy for most of the day (except for Zumba class) I burned 2,998 calories, walked 8,307 steps and had 2:42 minutes of activity - I guess wandering around the grocery stores for an hour definitely helps with calorie burns!

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