Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another great running day

So nutrition has been off the past few days - can't really control that. Just accepting it for what it is - and moving on. Yesterday, Zumba was canceled due to not many people signing up (since it was Easter Monday) so hubby took me on an unexpected date night!! We went to see "The Hunger Games"!! SO good!!!

I've decided I'm going to do the best I can with nutrition - try not to stress about it, but enjoy training for my Warrior Dash & getting back into running. I'm trying to turn things around so I'm not stressing about things as much. There's lots of things I can't change, so there's no point worrying about them. Hopefully this will help me zen out a little bit. I've been reading a lot recently and that's been really helpful with keeping my head on straight.

Today I didn't have time to pack a lunch, but I picked up food on the way to work. Not the best - but I couldn't change it, so I'm trying to not get upset about it. Not super hungry after it either - which I guess can be a good thing.

The BEST news of the day - its a running day!! I decided to tackle Week 5 Day 3 today - the solid 20 min run. This one is always a little daunting considering everything before is always intervals. This is the first continuous stretch. I had no doubt that I could do it - but its always a push the first time. I struggled a little bit about halfway through it because I was distracted (there were others in the gym who were trying to talk to me - so I couldn't really get in a groove. But once I found it - it was amazing. NO issues at all!

Week 5 Day 3:
Warm Up
Run for 20 minutes at 5 MPH
Cool Down

Total Workout Time: 25 Minutes
Total Calories Burned: 310 Calories
Total Distance Ran: 1.85 miles

Feels good and I'm already looking forward to my run on Thursday! Yippee!

Miles Ran Towards A Better Me in 2012: 7.99 Miles
Total Calories Burned: 1420 Calories Burned

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