Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You ever have one of THOSE days?!?!?!?

So today is just shaping up to be totally awesome *rolls eyes*

This morning - the alarm clock decided it was going to switch to daylight savings (for the second time this week) and woke me up an hour early. I didn't realize it - got completely ready for my day before I looked at my phone. UGH! Dammit! Normally - I would have done a workout - but its Wednesday, so I've gotta save my energy. So I trudged back to bed and layed there for 45 minutes until it was time to get up - never fell back asleep.

Needless to say - a new alarm clock will be purchased this weekend.

So after all that awesomeness, I managed to pack myself a decent lunch - with a fair amount of calories to get me through the day (would have been about 1900 cals if I'd eaten it all) However, about 2 hours ago, I had the worst "I don't want to eat this stuff" moment. UGH! I've eaten so much fruit & veggies in the past 3 days, I literally didn't want any more. And you know why....because it was all mushy. Yup. I had a craving for something crunchy and none of my food even looks appetizing.

So I caved - its Wednesday and I need all the fuel I can get. I got some sweet potato fries from the cafe at work (technically they ARE still vegan) with a small amount of ranch dressing (not vegan but I don't care) With taking out what I didn't eat today, and adding in the fries - it put me right at 1550 calories for the day (so currently LESS than what I was going to eat of my mushy foods anyways) Anyways, I'm not trying to justify my crappy eating - but oddly enough, I feel better after it and my fruit still doesn't look appetizing at all, so I know I did the right thing today. I need all the energy I can get at the moment. Sleep deprivation does NOT do me wonders - need sweet potato fuel & caffeine to survive today :-D

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