Friday, November 4, 2011


Okay so here I am - still here, super busy, but still here! The past few weeks they've offered overtime at work to help meet our service level goals - so I worked 8 hours of OT last pay period - which came to a nice extra $200 on my paycheck today. However, with working my normal shift, all my classes plus overtime - didn't leave much time for anything that's why I've been scarce!

The After School program is continuing to go well. I have 5 1/2 weeks left of this quarter (the 1/2 is the week of Thanksgiving). Its definitely been hard work, but the payoff has been awesome! I am using the extra cash from this program to pay down my monsterous credit card - which is going well (and now its not so monstrous anymore!) I'm hoping to cut that balance in half by the beginning of the year - it started around $9500 so I'm shooting for less than a $5000 balance by sometime in will be tough, but I'm thinking I can do it!

In other news, hubby and I are getting ready to completely pay off our motorcycle (the remaining balance is $4,100!) and it will be GONE in about 3 weeks! Can't wait!! We are working super hard to get our debt down and its going great! Having the bike paid off will mean that I've got an extra $160 a month to go towards something else. Once this bill is gone, I only have my credit card (currently $8800 balance) and car payment (current $9100 balance) left over - that's definitely not bad at all!! The hubby only has about $4000 left on his credit card, so that should be gone soon too!!! I'm really excited to start the next chapter of our lives (with the exception of the mortgage) - debt free!! Wahoo!

Alrighty - onto other things. Nutrition has been off most of the week...but weight has stabalized and I'm staying about the same. I'm back on my eating plan today and its going really well so far. We made seafood stuffed Salmon last night and it was super yummy! I brought the leftovers for lunch today and that's definitely going to be nice to eat! I bought a nice beef roast and I'm going to marinade it and make jerky this weekend in our dehydrator. That's a nice snack and its much cheaper to make it ourselves than buy it in a store. I found some killer recipes online, so hopefully it will turn out yummy!

Been reading a lot recently - both work and non-work related and its been really good for me. Reading is a great way to calm my brain down and I've found a great series that I'm really enjoying right now. I've got a ton of books lined up on my Nook and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my reading throughout the next few weeks. I've been keeping track of all the books I've read this year - its been nice to track what I've actually accomplished this year, I'm over 30 books so far!! Considering I have zero free time - I'm happy with that!

Workouts are continuing to just be classes at the moment. I got in a pilates strength training workout last weekend - was expecting some DOMS from it, but got NOTHING! Boo!! I guess I need to find something a little more challenging to put my body through. Once again, going back to the option of KettleBell workouts...maybe 3 days a I just need to find the energy to add that into the routine. I don't want to over cardio myself while eating better and lose muscle definition.

Anyways, that's about it. Got a run planned for this afternoon and I'm totally looking forward to it! Can't wait! Happy Friday to all!!! Its been FREEZING here recently, so I'm looking forward to staying warm this weekend!!!

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