Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow its been a while!

I haven't updated this thing in a while! Oops! Sorry! So after our trip, we had every intention of getting back in line with nutrition - but that ended up not working out so hot. I ended up eating out almost every day and my weight shot up. I wasn't feeling comfortable in my own skin and something needed to change. I realized a lot in the past 3 weeks.

First of all, I can trust myself to eat until I'm full - but getting full on a plate of nachos has a lot more calories than getting full on a plate of chicken and veggies. Since we came back from vacation, its been tough getting back on track. Just overall lack of motivation - I know what I want to accomplish, but being sick and super tired all weekend just didn't help with anything and I ate more yucky foods than I wanted

Next realization - though I enjoy being Vegan, its next to impossible to eat that way with my hubby and current lifestyle. I found myself choosing crappy foods that just happened to be Vegan and that wasn't helping to solve anything (fried mushrooms & pickles anyone??) So needless to say - the Vegan thing just isn't going to work at this point in my life. When I started this program - I wanted to learn to trust myself again. So - how is being a Dirty Vegan the best thing for me and showing my body that I trusted it??? Well it wasn't.

So, two days ago I started a new eating plan - its similar to Paleo but instead of the nuts & other fat sources I'm eating non-fat dairy. So lots of lean protein (chicken, turkey and boca burgers so far), non-fat cottage cheese, non-fat greek yogurt and nothing really high in fats or super high in carbs (even though I'm getting carbs from the dairy so I'm not crashing or feeling crappy) Since the food is all low fat, all my digestion issues have disappeared as well, just like when I went vegan - so I'm thinking this is a good compromise. Plus I haven't really been hungry in 2 days...can't complain about that. The hubby is doing this plan with me as well and I'm excited to see his progress as well!

Its working great and I'm feeling awesome so far. I've dropped 4lbs in water weight overnight and weight is now a more stable 182.2lbs. As I stated in prior blogs, once I get my weight back to around the 180lbs it was when I started this thing, I'm going to refrain from weighing myself until the end of the year. However, in order to help track progress that I might be making with this new eating - I will be taking measurements and progress pictures every two weeks or so....I think that sounds reasonable to me

I also haven't been feeling well due to allergies & a sore throat - so that didn't help with nutrition either. However, workouts were still there. I've taught all my classes and even ran a 5K this past weekend in 35:06 for the Duke City Marathon. I was impressed considering I haven't ran the distance in over 2 months! Go me! Race pics are in my SparkBlog for this week if anyone wants to check it out!

Otherwise, I think that's it. I don't have class today due to conferences, so I think I'll be running on breaks just to get some activity. I need to go to my car and see if I have any socks in there (I wore flip flops today - not the smartest decision) - if I do, the running is ON! If I don't, well then I'll just walk briskly for about 20 mins on lunch...either way I'll get my movement in!

I've been keeping a daily log in my Nightmare Before Christmas journal of how I'm feeling and hopefully I'll be able to update this more frequently - I'll definitely try! I've also picked back up on reading and hopefully that will continue throughout the rest of the year too! I'm keeping a list of all the books I've read so far in 2011 and I'm making a decent list so far! Woot!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 125.08 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 18,645 Calories GONE

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