Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guitar Hero Running

So I had a great afternoon at my classes!! I rolled out a new song today and the kids loved it!! At my second school, one of the kids asked if we could do the macarena while playing our game. I told him absolutely, since I was convinced I had it on the iPod. After scrolling through half my music I realized I didn't!! Eep!!! I had machinehead immediately followed by macho men!!! No macarena! A travesty!! So I told the kiddos who then asked to do macho men instead!!! So we played our game to macho men and YMCA today!!! Totally amazing and fun!!!

After class I met up with the boys at Fat Squirrel since it was $2 Tuesday. I totally behaved myself!! Go me! I limited myself to 3 chicken wings, an order of peel and eat shrimp and diet coke!

After hanging out for a few hours, we headed home with our buddy Tom and the boys started playing Guitar Hero. My twisted brain obviously hasn't had enough cardio today and thought "this is my usual running music, lets knock out another mile in my goal to hit 200!"

So with the boys playing Avenged Sevenfold and Pantera, I knocked out a nice 11 min mile (first half at 6 MPH and second at 5 MPH) on the treadmill. It felt good and now my bugg says an awesome 3089 calories burned and 15,904 steps for the day! I feel accomplished!

Now time for sleep. I've got work at 5am and 3 classes after work. Busy day ahead! Gotta love it! Night all!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 130.2 Miles Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 19,495 Calories GONE

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