Monday, March 5, 2012

Back At It...

Alrighty - so after finishing my 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge I decided to take a few days off of strength training. I needed to focus on a new Zumba circuit for class (which I rolled out on Saturday morning) so most of my free time was spent recovering and getting that ready to go.

This past week was awful for nutrition (we have a surplus of Girl Scout Cookies in our house at the moment) BUT weight is magically maintaining. Had a doctor's appointment on Friday and got my bloodwork done & got on my new type of birth control. Hope it goes well *fingers crossed*

Today marks exactly 2 months until the Warrior Dash - so training began today! Yippee!!! I haven't ran in a LONG time, so I was antsy to get back at it. I snuck over to the gym on my first break at 7am and hit the treadmill. OH LORDY I MISSED RUNNING!! I know I say it every time - but running is SO amazing for me! I took it easy and ran a nice 12 minute mile just to get back into the groove and it felt incredible.

Nutrition has been on track today as well and energy levels are starting to come back up as well. For strength training, I'm starting to incorporate my Kettlebell workouts back into my routine again. Today was Chest & Back and I did it with the 15 pound bell instead of the 10 pounder - proof that the 10,000 swing challenge made me stronger!! I only had to drop to a 12 pound weight for the one armed Flys on the last 2 sets since my elbow wasn't taking the 15 too well. Either way, I'm happy with my progress and hopefully will get some nice DOMS tomorrow from it

I'm still toying with the idea of using the Warrior Dash training program for strength training too - I'm thinking that just incorporating Kettlebell into my current routine of Running and Zumba will help me get stronger all I think I'll stick with this for a week and see how it goes.

I really want to start running outside (even though it will kill me) and get up to a 4 mile distance in about 6 weeks. Should be tough, but do-able. Anyways, off to go heat up my lunch (whole wheat pasta, veggies & tomato sauce!) Tonight is Zumba and hopefully I'll be able to snag a nap in the middle of it all - after grocery shopping of course...gotta stock up on stuff for this week!

As I stated in my NY Resolution earlier this year - I want to run towards something this year...not run from my issues anymore. I want to get closer to a better me, and this is one of the ways to help create a healthier mindset.

Miles Ran Towards A Better Me in 2012: 1 (gotta start somewhere, right?)
Total Calories Burned: 195

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