Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reigning myself in....

Alrighty folks...I know its been a while. Life's been busy. Helped a friend move this weekend, got all our Christmas shopping finished, been snowed in for a few days last week (and there's another storm on the way now), wrapping up my first semester of the After School Program - which is proving to be bittersweet. I'm finally starting to get really comfortable with my schools - so its sad that this is the last week for them. I feel really accomplished that I'm halfway through the year though. I was really worried that I'd burn myself out, or that I wouldn't be able to handle working 3 jobs all at once...but I've really stepped up and proven to myself that I'm capable of working this hard for something I really enjoy.

In trying to manage the crazy schedule from hell, nutrition has taken a backseat to time management. I've been maintaining my weight in the 180's (anywhere from 183-189 depending on the day) and I'm feeling a little chunky but all my clothes are still fitting well. Still rockin' the size 6 and a small/med in tops. Because of the chunky feeling though, I'm not as comfy in my skin as I have been in the past, so changes will need to be made.

I think a big part of this is my current workout scheme - with how busy I've been, workouts are only my classes...meaning lots and lots of cardio....but not much else. I haven't been able to maintain the muscle definition in my upper body I had before the school year started and my arms feel a little too jiggly for my liking - even if I haven't lost any strength from the lack of workouts. This past weekend we helped our buddy move, and I spent most of the day lugging boxes full of books around. I was really impressed that I handled the lifting so well considering I haven't done a formal strength workout in months.

I was trying to come up with a strength program that might work for my busy schedule - and today at lunch I snuck into the gym to play around with some weights. Its been forever since I've had the chance to throw some weight around - so it felt good. I just pulled the 10 pound dumbbells and knocked out bicep curls and 2 sets of row isolations (10 reps for upper back, 10 reps for lower back) with no rest in between - so arms sufficiently felt like jello in less than a minute...go me!

After that - I kept each of the dumbbells in my hands and knocked out 15 consecutive ATG squats while checking my form in the mirror (no butt winking!) Its nice to know that I can still knock out proper form even after months of not really doing a lot of strength training.

So after all that awesomeness, I decided to snap a few pics - I'm wearing workout clothes today and they give a decent idea of the current shape of myself. I'm not too thrilled about my current chunkiness (as expressed above) but all in all - I really don't think I look that bad. I don't have a muffintop going over my pants, I still have an hourglass figure and my legs are still muscular and strong (even if the rest of me feels like squish)

Here's the pics I took earlier (I took a few more, but photobucket is being stupid today and won't upload them from my phone)

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

In other news, hubby and I are planning on hitting nutrition hard after the new year - with the holidays coming up we don't want to "diet" through them but we won't go crazy either. After the new year, we are going to get a better handle on nutrition and keep ourselves to a good calorie count for our energy levels. I figure since I'm halfway through the year, I've been able to acclimate to the crazy schedule I've created - now its time to get myself in line and stop feeling bad about the way I look.

I'm still working on the actual plan, I can't over-exhaust myself, but I can't just do cardio anymore either...need less squish which means more muscle at the moment. I can't figure out if I'll try to come up with a plan I can do at work during my day job, or try to do something outside of work during the small amount of free time I've got.

That's about it for my ramblings today. I've already updated Spark with everything else that's been going on...hope you all have a great day!

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