Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy Workout Gods I'm Wiped!!!

Okay - so after my awesome strength training workout on Thursday....I got nothing out of it. No soreness, no nothing....kind of a bummer and not really inclination to keep it up. I wasn't really happy. Guess that's the downside to already being pretty fit - I've gotta keep upping the ante to get good things out of it! Growl...

Anyways, didn't get a workout in yesterday - got out of work early after our holiday lunch (I had one plate of chicken enchiladas, beans & chips & salsa). Finished up my Christmas shopping for the hubby and came home with the expectation of grabbing a nap before he got home from work. Little did I know that he was already off work and he strolled in the door *right* when I laid down for a nap! haha! He'd gotten out of work early and been going shopping for my Christmas gifts all afternoon (he's such a sweetheart!)

SO - he walked in the door and said "you're going to get this gift now because I have NO idea how to wrap the damn thing!!!" Of course, I was totally confused. What on earth could he have picked up for me that was too big to wrap???

He walked to the garage, slapped a bow on the box and walked in the door with this (the kitten totally loved the box!! haha)
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HOLY CRAPOLA!!! I've been wanting a Bosu ball for YEARS - just never been able to justify the cost!!! What an amazing husband I have!!! OMG he totally made my day!!! What a fabulous Christmas present from my wonderful man! I can't believe he remembered that I wanted one!!! AAAHHHH!!!

Okay - so anyways, we basically hopped right in the car when he got home and drove up to see my family for the evening. We went to dinner and I had a Caesar Salad with a side of green chile Mac & Cheese (so yummy!). Then we went to my Stepdad's choir performance and living nativity at his church - with real camels and everything! Totally cool! It was freezing, but we had a great time!

We got home a little late last night, so we slept in this morning - which was really nice. Its rare when we can sleep in! We rolled out of bed a little after 9, showered and went over to visit his mom - who just got a new puppy for Christmas! Isn't he totally cute???
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We hit up Twisters for breakfast and then took off to Toys R Us (yes, we went to Toys R Us the weekend before Christmas) We took $40 and bought as many toys as we could. We managed to get 3 kitten stuffed animals, 7 hot wheels cars, 3 bouncy balls and 1 kung fu hamster toy thing - all which went straight to the Marines for Toys for Tots. We have been so blessed in our lives that it meant a lot to us to be able to give back.

After that, we walked around the mall for a bit. Hubby got 2 pairs of jeans, 2 new shirts for work and a sweater for less than $70 and I got myself a festive new top for Christmas! Yippee!

This afternoon, hubby has errands he needed to run, so I stayed home and finally broke in my brand new Bosu! Holy crap...that thing is amazing!! It took me about 10 minutes to get used to jumping off and on the darn thing, but it worked my legs in all kinds of crazy ways! It came with 4 workouts, so I ran through the Total Body workout - took me about 30 minutes and only burned about 160 calories (but I think that will go up once I'm more comfortable jumping on and off the darn thing) However, low calorie burns aside - my legs were totally toast at the end and my abs are STILL shaking now! EEP! I think I've found my new strength training plan!!! I heart my Bosu soo much!!!

I can't wait to try the other workouts! I don't want to try another one today because I don't want to overdo it, and I'm going to take it easy and slowly get into this thing - so I don't hurt myself. But I really see myself getting lots and lots of progress with this thing! Let's just say - push ups on a Bosu are KILLER!!!! haha!

Been an eventful Friday evening and Saturday so far! Can't wait to have a quiet night in with the hubby catching up on TV shows, might order in dinner if we don't want to cook....either way its going to be fabulous!

Hope you all have a great day!

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