Friday, September 3, 2010

Yesterday's Run

So I had an awesome run yesterday - managed another 5K on the treadmill without stopping! Woot!

Warm Up - 5 min walk
Run - 5K in 33 mins 35 seconds (averaged 5.5 MPH and got faster for the last quarter mile - finished running 6.5 MPH)
Cool Down - 7 min walk and cool down

Total Distance Ran: 3.76 miles (including warm up and cool down)
Total Calories Burned: 500
Total Workout Time: 49 minutes

I also got in a 3 mile walk with a client yesterday that was awesome - didn't wear my HRM though, so don't know my burn on that one! Today is a rest day and I need to figure out what to do now that MTC is over :-D

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