Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yesterday's Workout

So yesterday was a good day! Hit my calorie goals, had a killer workout & finally got a decent night's sleep last night. Now I just need to do that every day (mainly the sleep part) and I'll be good! 

Yesterday's Warm Up:
Pyramid Medicine Ball Jacks 14 lbs - 25 to 1
25 Jumping Jacks with OHP of 14lb medicine ball, then 24 reps, then 23, then 22, etc all the way down to 1
Bodyweight exercises done in between sets for 60 seconds: Squats, Burpees, Sit-Ups, Push Ups, Jumping Squats, Mountain Climbers (standing due to knee tweaking)

TOTAL: 325 Jumping Jacks with 14lb OHP

30 mins of Kickboxing with calisthenic drills in between rounds

Abs: 10 mins followed by Cool Down

Posted Image
Note: The sleep listed here is not from last night, but the night before

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Otherwise things are going well. Today is boxing with one of our fav trainers and trying to keep disciplined today at work. They're feeding everyone from a local BBQ place & I was a good girl and packed my own lunch instead. 

Have a great day! 

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