Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad Habits Need to Die

Hey all! How are you doing? Things are going well here. I haven't worked out since Monday night (this is normal since I had class yesterday & today) but I've noticed some yucky habits that are popping up. First of all, when I'm injured - my nutrition goes to hell. I'm not as motivated to stay in line because I can't exercise. I feel like a lazy ass so therefore I am not as disciplined with my food. This is a pattern I've fallen into before & I refuse to fall into it again.

My knee is still exceptionally sore & I can't bend it all the way - so this is obviously an actual injury and not just a minor strain. Today I've got the compression wrap on it and I'm still gimping around instead of walking. That being said - I'm going to have to keep modifying my gym workouts, but I'll still be going (which is better than sitting on my ass at home) Since I'm not working out as intensely, I can't be as lax with my nutrition as I was before. Calorie burns according to my armband are about the same, but I don't want to rely on that to stay that way. They might level out with me being unable to do plyo, squats & lunges.

I refuse to feel sorry for myself - that's just not the person I am. I know people who get super whiney and claim they're "depressed" when all they really need is to stop bitching, suck it up & deal. I put myself in the situation where my knee was injured and now I've gotta get it healthy again. Its gonna put me back a few weeks in my training plan - but I'm not gonna let it derail me all together. The only person capable of reaching my goals is me - and I need to get myself there. However, I'm finding I need to change my motivation with my food. I've been eating higher calories again (right about maintenance most of the time) since I'm healing & that makes it WAY too easy for me to slip up and overeat. Granted, my weight has stayed the same over the past 2 weeks - but I feel squishy instead of strong due to the lack of workouts.

Also, I've been exceptionally tired the past 3 days. I've stayed up later than I normally do every night this week and the lack of sleep is finally getting to me. But I've noticed that lack of sleep PLUS kinda crappy nutrition has totally wiped me out. So tonight after my chem lab, I'm gonna head home & prep a bunch of food. Tomorrow, its back to my primary (almost paleo but not quite) diet of mostly protein & veggies. I'm gonna see if I can drop this water weight and start feeling better again.

I figure, even if I have a busted knee - that's no excuse to let myself go (not that I was going to) - but its also a sign that maybe I need to pay a little more attention to the way my body is functioning. Right now, its saying it needs better foods and starting tomorrow it will get them :-)

OH - and in other happy news - new tattoos might be in hubby & my future soon! Yippee!

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