Thursday, October 14, 2010

Training Update!

So its about time I bust out this thing again. I took a few weeks off training and had an amazing anniversary vacation with my husband. Once we got back, we found we had some extra cash, so we went down to Sears and picked up a new treadmill and elliptical for our home gym! They are so awesome! They both have speakers that connect to our ipods so we don't have to worry about getting tangled in headphone wires anymore! Monday night was spent buying them, Tuesday night was spent building them (it too 4 hours to put them both together!) And yesterday I only had about 20 mins to play around on them. So today was the first chance I had to really test out the treadmill - and it whooped my ass! Not working out for about 4 weeks, recovering from 2 injuries, eating poorly on vacation and smoking the occasional celebratory cigar really took its toll on my fitness levels! I got in a decent workout today, but am really looking forward to getting back to where I was pre-injury & vacation.

Here's my workout from today - not the greatest, but gotta start somewhere right?

warm up: 400 yards brisk walk
Run for 1200 yards at 5.0 mph
Walk for 400 yards for recovery
Run for 1200 yards at 5.0 mph
Cool Down Walk for 400 yards

Total Workout Time: 34 mins
Total Distance: 2.25 miles
Total Calories Burned: 340

Might try to start running at different times of the day too. Ran at around 6pm tonight and was already wiped from a full work day, lack of sleep this week and running errands after work with the hubby. Nutrition is back on track and I'm feeling good. Keeping things around 1600 cals until I can sustain the longer endurance workouts and can maintain a burn of 500+ calories a workout 6 days a week. I really don't wanna have to get up any earlier than I already do, but might have to in order to get an optimal workout. I'll play around with times this week and see how it all works out.

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